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    gizmo rcmk 30.5 motor

    Bought Rcmk motor from steel wheels 99 fast shipping and very good guy thanks again steel
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    WTB wtb gizmo gz -racing power master pipe

    Looking for Non-Silenced gizmo gz- racing power master pipe to use with rcmk motor for hpi t . Most been in good condition.send pm with price.I'll pay top dollar in reason. Thanks
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    rcmk gizmo 30.5

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    WTB barndog panels

    Wtb barn dog aluminum panels for tc cage full set .pm me with price
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    cooling plate

    gt355 - RB Innovations Cooling Clutch Plate for 1/5th Scale Engines.any one have or used one of these cooling clutch plate ? I'm running a tr enclosed v1 clutch setup ATM .I'm not sure if the is the correct one tho I don't have a machined clutch plate im running a cy clutch holder will this...
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    barndog lexan panels for tc cage

    Got question about painting these do you paint these on the outside or inside ? Should back them in black and what type of paint ? I'm looking at lexan body paint for large scale rc. I'm wondering about the durability of the paint.thanks
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    modded 771 carb gizmo v2

    anyone else out there running a modded 771 carb just wanted to know. I have a fm 30.5 OBR motor running 990 carb currently wanted to know if the modded 771 card does help out with mid/ top RPM's? is it worth the money for an upgrade? From the 990 carb?
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    c clip wheel hubs

    hey guys I got a question keep losing my see c -clip on my front wheel hubs is there any good Hubs out there that don't use c- clips ?I see that vertigo has a set with extenders I'm currently running the vertigo extender wheel hubs just not the new version.I want to get something to get away...
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    hpi slipper clutch

    Been thinking of buying hpi slipper clutch .I'm running 18/56 ATM gearing 56 hostile spur and 18 tr pinion .Can I use this spur and pinion setup? I know it comes with steel 57 spur on it.can I run the tr 18 pinion with the 57 stock slipper spur or no?I want to use the the tr 18 pinion or do I...
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    rebuild zenoah 30.5 obr

    Question when you do a rebuild on a motor do your just change bearings/ oil seal/ wrist pin and bearing and a new piston and piston ring or what? Its have a lot of life still in it just curious what's the proper way to do it meaning parts that need to be replaced when the time comes .I was think...
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    savox 0235 and 6 volt battery problems

    Anyone having problems running savox 0235 servo with 6 volt 5000 black magic battery? I know the servo runs better on 7.4 lipo but I don't want to run lipo.I have super bee failsafe installed and have the dip switch set for 4.2 volt cutoff maybe turn glitch sensitivity down ? I know the servo...
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    fresh obr 30.5cc

    Hey guys have question I've got a fresh obr 30.5 top end I just installed over winter and I'm doing a idle tank for first break in use 25:1 mercury quick silver oil only for first tank so cross hatch ring on piston then going to run castor 927 25:1 after that.I'm running 990 carb stock setting...
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    RB innovation hyper charger air filter

    Got a question about RB innovation hyper charger air filter because its a paper filter you DON'T use any oil on it correct? Use dry ? Also any one using this could give me some feed back where its a good filter or not would be great.I don't run in the sand at all just bash in areas like grassy...
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    innovative big bore shocks

    Hey guys have a question I'm going to be buying some big bore shocks here soon my question is on oil weight I should run for front and rear? I was thinking 30 or 40 weight all the way around? I'll be using silicon oil .I have a t with team chase cage and lots of turtle racing and phatdad stuff...
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    tto rpm tach

    How hard is this rpm tach to install and were do you install wire for tach on the clutch?
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    hostile zero foams?

    Hey guys I have a question I decided to check me foams on my 5t and when I pulled then out they were red hostile zero growth foams? I'm running mtx tires all the way around on split six wheels hostile bead locks.question is can you run red hostile zero foams with mtx tires because I noticed...
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    hostile mtx

    Stupid question but how can you tell the difference between front and rear hostile mtx tires because I'm either running all 4 front or all 4 rear because they look the same .is there a way to tell which is rear or front?
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    killer rc lipo 7.4 v receiver pack

    I was looking to upgrade to killer rc 6000mah 7.4 lipo receiver pack question is I'm running futaba r603ff fasst receiver with hitec hs-5755mg steering servo and hitec hs-7950th for throttle/ brake servo.can I run 7.4 lipo pack for on/ off switch to the receiver with out having to use a...
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    phatdad dog bone grease

    Have a question can you use phatdad dog bone grease in your transmission case for grease also?I know TFE has some grease made for that but I don't have but I do have some phatdad dog bone grease so I'm wondering.
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    innovative big bore shocks

    Will the innovative big bore work with TR front and rear shock bracers?any problems mounting shocks to shock bracers?