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    Milano is the MAN

    He gave me a set of light pods for free. This is why I love this community because of people like Milano. Thanks man.
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    Pics request

    Just got my Modified RC front light mounts and wondering how did you guys install yours with RPM arms.
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    Help with CY29RC

    Got this engine from DDM the one with the orange headkit. I changed the head gasket to a copper same with my ESP 30.5 before dropping it in the engine. The 30.5 started right away but the 29 just wont freaking start. The engine is not flooded, checked killswitch to make sure it's not stuck and I...
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    Leaky Gasket?

    I just got this engine from jayabq. It's a 30.5cc modded and ported by ESP. He said it's only been used for 1 tank. The first time I got this engine I mounted it right away and drove it around my driveway just to make sure everything is running ok. Yes everything was fine except for the broken...
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    What can I say? Awesome guy to deal with and no hassle. A++ Got the engine today and it's looking good. Can't wait to install the rest of the goodies for my SS.
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    Leaky RTR Shocks

    My shocks on my RTR are all leaky. I took it a part and I thought it's the same with my SS but I guess not. Now I'm checking out PhatDad-RC products and which one will you recommend for me or if you know something better than PhatDad, please let me know.
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    23CC to 29CC Upgrade

    Is there any step by step video out there to do this upgrade? I'm kind of stuck on removing the flywheel. I didn't know there's a special tool for that.
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    HBZ Bumper

    Did anyone here having problem installing this bumper on your Baja with sway bars? The only way I can think of mounting this bumber is by removing my front sway bar and dremel the screw to make it shorter.
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    Onboard Cam with a Different View

    I've been searching around Youtube about onboard cam on a Baja and I tought I might try something new. So I decided to make a camera mount and mounted it on the front of the Baja so you actually can see your Baja in action. My attempt wasn't a success. The weight of the camera mount keep...
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    Mr & Mrs J. First run ** 56K Warning **

    Got off work early today and have a friend over and we decided to run the Baja together with the wife since we never had a chance because of our work schedule. We went to the park and left with a dust storm. The joggers wasn't too happy about it lol. We run into each other. Good thing nothing...
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    Manitoba Baja Owner

    Let's hear from you. I know SWD is from WPG but anybody else here from the Peg?
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    SS Brake System

    The one that came with mine is CRAP! What's the best one you can recommend me?
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    This is too much fun

    I made my first post at the intro forum a few weeks ago that we bought a Baja for her but damn after I played around with it I have to get me one of those. So today we drove to my LHS to buy an SS. So after this post I'm going to start putting it together so I can start having fun this weekend...