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    WTB Phatdad Diff cups

    Anyone have the PhatDad 5mm Hardened Diff Cup Set?
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    Brisbane/Gold Coast Bashers

    So a few of us will be in Australia 29JuL-02Aug and wondering if there are places to bash our Baja's. Looking to meeting some Baja Aussie's if possible.
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    4x4 Weekend Trail run w/ family
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    Joe's twin build

    I have an OBR 57CC twin arriving soon so this is the first of picture to post. Front end upgrades. IRP TURNBUCKLE AND TURTLE BILLET SERVO SAVER
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    Victory Pro Pipe and Coupler tip

    So after numerous attempts and sitting through some sore hands and fingers I wanted post a helpful tip that helped ease the installation of a new coupler. I have a victory pro pipe and bought Victory RC Replacement Silicone Coupler from DDM. For those who have tried to install the combo know...
  6. J

    OBR 30.5 Fun Run Japan

    This was a short clip of my run.
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    Killer RC=Phenomenal Customer Service

    I bought the Killer RC steel cable pull start from DDM. I went to install it and did three pulls, much to my surprise the starter pawl broke. I contacted Killer RC and without any hestiation I received another pull start. Killer RC is a company that supports their customers and stands behind...
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    Joe's Baja upgrades

    Had fun wrenching with several upgrades. I have other parts still to install with many others from numerous web sites awaiting in stock status. Its a bit nerve wreaking purchasing and awaiting its arrival. It takes seven days from the US mainland to Japan which is a decent wait using USPS...