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    still have two Baja and a losi 2.0 all three are running.
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    Running no shell, hpi baja 5b

    run it with or with out it is up to you.
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    Battery - Receiver replacment

    DDM lipo Killer lipo
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    For Sale a lot of parts for baja!

    seems like you want full price on all the parts.
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    still running mine.
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    Clutch advise

    stock clutch works fine.
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    Scorpion solid chasis

    put the switch where ever you want it.
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    How to tell if you are buying a real HPI Baja

    remove the spur gear and look for a purple spacer if it is behind the spur gear than it most likely is a HPI Baja.
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    WTB Killer RC "Super Bee" Failsafe/Kill Switch

    did you get the e mail i sent you?
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    WTB Killer RC "Super Bee" Failsafe/Kill Switch

    have you tried DDM?
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    WTB WTB Roller 5b

    got a 5b in the sprint cat car configuration zenoah 290 engine. futababrx. 500.00 plus shipping exelant condition.
  12. D coming soon!!

    welcome back.
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    WTB Looking for a BAJA B5 5T or w/Kraken Cage roller, ARTR or RTR.

    i have a Baja 5b in sprint car configuration perfect shape everything but tx.
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    WTB FG Sportsline 4WD

    i have a Baja 5b for sale sprint car foremat.
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    Sprint makeover

    i have one for sale if anybody is interested.