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    Blur QR

    When will you have more QR systems in stock? I want to purchase the setup and another adapter ring and stock filter setup but you are out. I found one at bajamodifiers but would prefer to get them from you especially since I am in Utah now.
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    Sorry guys, did not know how to rotate this video. My first SC SS run in Glamis.
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    I am coming to Salt Lake City for work for several months and was wondering if you could give me some pointers on RC stuff around there? Is there a track to run my Baja on who is the best local dealer (besides you guys) are there any indoor offroad tracks for my electric cars to race on? I would...
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    Basher Brute

    I would love to hear a list of $1000.00 worth of MUST upgrades for the ultimate bullet proof basher. Any ideas (duh!)? I know you folks have tons of ideas and just looking for a comprehensive list for my new SC/SS kit.
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    Proline Bug body

    Can I put a proline baja bug body on a 5b kit? If so what is needed?
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    Is there anyone in this catagory that knows about getting on a plane with a baja? It has been suggested that I remove the motor and ship it separate. Please advise.
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    Thanks to 20,000 members!! Do you want a Free Baja!!

    Me Me Me I would love to win this!!
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    Carry On

    Has anyone here taken there baja flying? I want to hear from anyone who has taken their car on a trip and was able to carry on or check.
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    I am getting ready to build a SS and want to prep my drivetrain for a later 62cc upgrade. I want to purchase a 62 when one is available so I want to build up my car now for the extra HP. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and if anyone knows how long it will be before there...
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    Want to build a Sand Car!!

    I want to build a 110% sand baja. Could anyone and everyone make some solid suggestions on the build?
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    slip on air filter

    does anyone have more info on the new slip on adapter for your air filter? I saw the tutorial but still not sure what parts are needed besides the adapter kit. I no longer have stock setup and was wondering what parts will be needed to make this work. Also want to have spare filter setup for...
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    Broken rear shock shafts (bottom plastic)

    I have broken 2 rear shocks shafts at the bottom plastic connection in the past month and was wondering if this is common and if so how to prevent it from happening so much. I have the newer stock lower rear arms with the thicker shock mount area and just put them on after the first break.
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    Dirty beadlocks

    I get alot of dirt built up under my stock SS beadlocks does anyone have a good solution for preventing this. This would be for racing at a track.
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    Stock SS 26cc

    Can anyone tell me the most cost effective way to upgrade my top end on a stock SS motor? I already have a rear dom and GBE intake but I would like to consider a larger/smoother top end. I get confused when I look at the DDM site regarding what works on the existing case. Any help would be...
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    The HPIBajaForum Charity Event with Many Free Baja Prizes!!

    Sorry to everyone who saw my last post, stupid cousin got on my pc and did some dumb stuff. Looks like the damage was removed though so thanks to who ever did it and best of luck to everyone on this cool raffle.
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    The HPIBajaForum Charity Event with Many Free Baja Prizes!!

    Great prize red and congratulations. This is fun!!
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    The HPIBajaForum Charity Event with Many Free Baja Prizes!!

    Congratulations TURPS and good job supporting your local product