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  1. SteveB

    Bartolone Racing Torpedo

    Should have them back in later this month.
  2. SteveB

    Official DDM/Killer/TR/Hitec HS-900SGS 1200 oz. Servo Thread

    Now available at DDM is the long awaited Hitec HS-900SGS Servo and installation kit! Available to ship TODAY July 30, 2013. This thread will serve as a central hub to help answer any tech help about this conversion/install as well as any general questions and feedback that can be addressed...
  3. SteveB

    NEW - Losi 5ive Dominator® Silencer Mount

    We recently had a customer who was on a quest to keep the performance of his Dominator® tuned pipe on his 5IVE but try to keep the noise level to a minimum. He shared his photos with us and from there we were able to get an idea on what we could do for having a simple solution to install one of...
  4. SteveB

    NEW - Re-released items from Pro-Line BACK IN STOCK!

    Hey guys, this week we got some new (old!) goodies in from Pro-Line that I thought you should be aware of. It took some convincing on our part and we got them to release again some of the following: PRO3238-01 VW Bug Body: Available Here PRO2718-21 HD Beadlock rings w/ hardware for the HPI...
  5. SteveB

    GoPro WiFi BacPac App available now!

    Hey Guys, we know a lot of you have purchased GoPro cameras and WiFi BacPacs from us, so I thought you should know that they have released their app for the iPhone/iPad etc. iTunes link: Apple App Store GoPro site: GoPro App Page
  6. SteveB

    HPI Announces the 2012 Summer Rebate Program - Save up to $100 on select kits!

    :clap:HPI Racing has announced a Summer Rebate Program! This thread will be a resource that you can ask us here at DDM any questions regarding this program:clap: From the program flyer: You will be able to cash in on rebates on the Baja 5B SS, 5B 2.0 RTR, and 5SC RTR. They are also including...