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    My 2nd Baja build will be OBR Twin Powered

    Yes, this build is still around. Its been converted to an HPI 1/4 scale car now
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    My 1st trip to the track

    Team OBR invited me to their off road test and tune session this past Sunday. I took my basher and had a blast. I never in a million years ever ever ever figured I would need less gear and a softer motor. My set up was for large grass fields. Boy, did I have my hands full. Either way it was fun...
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    F/S PhatDad Heat Sink Manifold

    PhatDad Billet Zenoah/CY Heat Sink Carb Manifold With new Gaskets. Bolts not included. $30.00 Shipped to the lower 48 states.
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    Obr spy shots

    I am lucky. I live close by Team OBR headquarters. I make it down to their shop often. I hope this thread does not get deleted by OBR or the mods. I will slip in pictures and video of what I see behind the scenes. Here is this 1st. I was down at the shop last Saturday. I saw a twin custom...
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    Walbro WT-533

    Anybody ever use this carb? If so what was it on? What was the intended use and did you like it? Thanks.
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    Monster Baby OBR 61cc Twin Laying Rubber

    Here is a small clip from yesterday. Went out with 28-46 and some rear tires I did not like for speed runs.
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    Muddy Pics Of My Basher From Today

    Had a great time today with Joker93 at Balboa Lake. It was awesome to let her rip it up. We both ran for a full tank of fuel and broke nothing. It was a fun. My OBR CNC FM30.5 ran like a beast with 19-55's.
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    Sold / Found F/S NEW Hitec HS-5805MG

    Brand New Hitec Servo HS-5805MG. Never Installed And Never Ran. $50.00 Shipped to the lower 48 states.
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    Sold / Found F/S BBRC/OBR 26-48 2nd Gear Set

    Rare and hard to find. BBRC/OBR 26-48 2nd gear set for use with BBRC/OBR 2 speed. $60.00 Shipped to the lower 48 states.
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    Sold / Found F/S BBRC/OBR Twin Cyl. 2 Speed Conversion Kit

    Convert your existing BBRC/OBR 2 speed to be used on a twin cylinder. Lay shaft and 2nd gear clutch are new. $90.00 Shipped to the lower 48.
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    Sold / Found F/S BSW Titanium Lay Shaft

    This BSW Ti lay shaft does not weigh much. it tips my scale at 49.3 grams. this is for single speed gearing. Priced to sell. $30.00 shipped to the lower 48 states.
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    Sold / Found F/S CY 29.5 2 Bolt Long Block

    I ran this in my 5B basher. I ran it in grass with 18-56 1st gear and 22-52 2nd gear. My 5B in grass ran 55-58mph with this engine. strong running engine. I ran less than 1 gal. of fuel in it. more like 6-8 tanks of fuel. Motor is broke in and ready for WOT. No break in required. New NGK CMR7H...
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    Sold / Found F/S OBR/Jet Pro 5T Pipe

    OBR/Jet pro pipe. Fits 5T $75.00 Shipped to the lower 48
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    Sold / Found F/S TR 5B Front Brace

    Like new TR 5B front brace $30.00 Shipped to the lower 48
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    Sold / Found F/S TR Rear trans brace, 1pc. brake mount, rear shock tower

    TR Rear trans brace, V2 rear shock tower and 1pc. brake mount. the 1 pc. brake mount is missing 1 of the slider pins for the brakes. $60.00 shipped to the lower 48 states.
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    Sold / Found F/S TR 5B Front Brace & HD Shock Tower

    The TR front brace has a slight bend in it when you lay it on a flat surface. It bolts up to the Baja with no issues or problems. The TR Front HD Shock tower is new and never been ran. No Hardware. $45.00 Shipped to the lower 48 states.
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    Sold / Found F/S BBRC/OBR 2 Speed Clutch Bell (NEW)

    New Clutch Bell For BBRC/OBR 2 Speed. $45.00 shipped to the lower 48 states
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    Sold / Found F/S Dark Soul Front Wheel Extender

    $20.00 Shipped to the lower 48 states
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    Sold / Found F/S BBRC/OBR Single Speed Clutch Bell (USED)

    excellent condition used clutch bell. $25.00 shipped to the lower 48
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    110MPH/176KPH Monster Baby OBR 61cc Twin Speed Run

    Specs can be found in my build