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    looking for a few good bashers in Norcal

    Hey everyone just looking for people in or near the bay area to bash with .. contact me if you are willing to bash we have a few good spots and just recently found a new track .. now hopefully this doesn't get taken down cuz it seams like when ever I contact anyone by the next day its been...
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    motor temp ?

    Hey just wondering what a good safe running temp should be I'm running a 30.5cc OBR motor !!
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    Best & Worst mod's

    Hey everyone i've got a basically stock baja 5b n im looking in to pick-up some goodies for it .. Just looking to hear whats working and not working for you guys.. any part no matter what size , tips as well ..
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    Best & Worst modz

    Hey there everyone i've got a basically stock Baja 5b , just trying to get an idea of what is working for all you .. Plus anything i might want to stay away from ?? Thanks for looking and any info given ... Madrider out !!
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    Motor Advise please !!!

    Hey everyone I have my baja 5b at a roller stage , and I'm looking at motors now . What are some good solid crank cases to start off with ? Plus if u can also throw out some power adder's that are not jus for looks that wood be awesome .. hoping to get this with only spending 500-600 bucks if...
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    which clutch system is best ??

    looking in to buying a clutch i like turtle racings clutch but with it not being vented is it still worth getting ??