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    Open Source Remote Control (OSRC)

    Innovation in the rc hobby, made in Cyprus! The Open Source Remote Control (OSRC) isn't a transmitter, and it's not a receiver, it's an open source remote control system. The OSRC offers FPV capabilities, digitally encoded self-moving gimbals, additional module components and more. you will...
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    Axial Wraith formula offroad

    my recent build link to the build in the video description
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    bashing on sand pics 9-4-11

    We spend all day in the best bashing place in Cyprus tons of fun nice guys
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    12v power supply

    Hi guys In my contry is very hard to get a power supply for my quick chargers that are more than 5A so i made my own from a pc power supply that was around for ages its a very nice mod
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    XTM 1/8 Sand Rail

    I was looking on the RC Car Action magazine and i found this: 1/8 Sand Rail brushless buggy, i think this thing be lot of fun to drive anyone see one?
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    Need help choosing a Camera Wireless Security System

    Hi guys, am a total noob at this and, i need help from you guys choosing a Camera Wireless Security System for my house that i can wach olso via internet and have a motion recording detection. i was looking this...
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    let's have a break from bajas :clap:
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    wheel explosion (slow motion)

    we were out to our bash spot and we were filming some high speed turns on hard sand, suddenly Booom! :saddam: :lol: i hate proline foam inserts way to soft :dots: some hostiles are on the wish list!!
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    billet engine cover

    i have an issue with the plastic engine cover, every 1-2 moths i have to change it due to sand anyone think of making a billet one? i will be very happy to own one :cool: or the half one as the head kit motors (the way i cut mine keeps grass out) any one have the same issue?
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    baja slideshow

    This is my first picture slideshow on movie maker enjoy...
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    Who/What made you get a hpi Baja ??

    ok, i dont know if i say it right :glare: Who/What made you get into the Baja madness? starting with me all started before 2 years, i was waching on youtube videos apout the baja and i was amazed how much power that thing had, (pulling wellies in the dunes) and after i have seen some videos of...
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    finished my rebuild

    Hi guys I just finished my rebuild and i thought i shear some photos with you she is ready to hit the sand tommorow :gunsmilie: What you think?
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    Toyotas issue with accelerator system

    Its very sad to hear this from a big industry like toyota I know that many people know how to stop a vehicle with stuck accelerator system, but there are some people that dont know what to do in this situations...
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    GAS Boat Noob please help

    Ok guys i got my first gas boat for 300us used boat run only one time any one here on HBF that have also a gas boat please any info will be nice :) what do you think of the boat , i got it for a good price? any other info will be nice! sorry for the crappy photos :laugh:
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    running the inclined ShreadStack

    i have them on both of my bajas and makes it very eazy to work on the filter, i just wanted to ask you guys i seem to notice a small change (more torge) on both of my bajas with the inclined ShreadStack, or is in my mind? anyone try it on the dyno?
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    paranormal activity

    Any one watch this film? they say that is a real footage i see a lot of horror movies, but that film was f... scary
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    Custom Volt watch

    i had some spear time today and i got a very nice idea :chef: all you need is: - photoshop for graphics - priter - clear shrinkable tube first remove the old shrinkable tube with a sharp blade But little paper glue so the paper is not going anywere, heat the shrinkable tube to get the...
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    Thanks a lot for your time spending for me Sir... Smokey is one of the GOLD members here... he helped me sending me a reciever (he thought i was in Cypress in US) any way we solve out the misunderstanding (i was in Cyprus europe) and i send him more money for the shipping. THANKS RUBEN...
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    bashing pictures 11-15-09 (56k warning!)

    finally took my camera with me last sunday for you guys: ^^^^^^take a close look you will see nitro car under my baja :lol: -Chris
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    Killer-RC Limiting straps on FLM extented arms

    just a small Review of the Killer-RC Limiting straps on FLM extented arms, i just want to post this because alot all of you guys run the extented arms and wandering if they will fit on, front : the straps are completely straight and there are not rubbing anywere The back is olso perfect...