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    My WOODY

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    Mecatech parts?

    Does anybody know where to get master cylinder and possibly caliper rebuild parts?
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    Roll bar hardware question

    Just getting to the end of assembly after a thorough cleaning and some maintenance and found the bolts up through the chassis into the stock center roll bar don't tighten. I got a little frustrated and stopped. Before I rip it apart again: is there captured nuts in there? Can't tell from the...
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    Clutch plate fitment

    Sorry if this has been covered, but didn't find it with search. I may be a little too critical but let me show what I'm talking about then explain. Look at how the screws fit on my TR HD Clutch plate. The tapered head looks like it seats, but also looks like it butts up against the...
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    Overkill joint

    I bent the "heim joint" on one of my overkill upper rear arms. How do I get a replacement?
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    Captured nuts

    HPI engineers kiss mine. Captured nuts SUCK!
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    HELP with TC cage.

    My new Team Chase cage does not seem to fit my 5SC properly. As you can see it has to go down a long way at the rear to line up side post holes and to rest on the center support. I watched the Team Fast Eddy install vid and I've pushed much harder than he did. Somethings not right...
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    IRP " You Pick The Prize Contest "..FREE GIVEAWAY

    Winner! Quick fill fuel kit.
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    CY vs. Zenoah? oh no, not this thread again!

    Good info here.
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    Bottom end pipe

    I currently have the Bartalone Torpedo and love the performance but have no room to mount Mecatech master cylinder. I'm hoping there is a pipe that I can fit to my 5SC to give similar performance yet give more room near the RH engine brace/fuel tank area...
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    Quick jump clips.

    Couple short vids here.
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    Best front brakes that fit 5SC

    Hey people! I'm considering a front brake kit for my 5SC. What works and is user friendly? I have strong servos if required and money isn't a big factor. Don't see alot listed on DDM?
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    I have a 5sc with stock engine, lightweight flywheel and Bartalone torpedo pipe. It seems to lag at bottom the warmer it gets. When first fired the bottom end is awesome. I started reading but coming up empty. I'm sure Ill find the answer in here somewhere but getting impatient. I would think...
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    Just another 5SC gone overboard

    :oops: I'm not quite sure why I bought an RTR.... I could have bought the few pieces that are not hopped up (waiting on the polished chassis anyway). I guess I just wanted the first one when they were released. Put about 1/2 tank break in during the winter in my shop and it sat ever since. Very...
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    GBE chassis stiffenner

    Does anyone know if tr295 will fit if I gave the TR tranny plate, clutch system and brake setup? Seems the thicker pieces will not allow the use of this piece. Thanks for any help.
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    Phatdad eg40xx stock

    Is there an estimated time this engine brace set will be in stock? REALLY want the gun metal to fit the theme eg408. Waiting to place a large order 
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    Rear top plate

    Hi. I appologize, but I'm new to Baja. Time is an issue and I'm ordering up what I can afford. I need to know if the rear trans plate Incorporates the brake mount.