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    baja 5t real or clone

    its genuine 5t
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    12v power supply

    wow that chargers are more than 10 years old and still running strong!!!!
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    Running no shell, hpi baja 5b

    I have ever run it with a body on, for more than 10 years never had a problem, just put a under tray of Baja 5t
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    been here and i still run my baja from 2008!
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    Win a set of DGI turnbuckles

    I want the DGI turnbuckles for my baja
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    Win a SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit... round 2

    I need the Ultimate!
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    Open Source Remote Control (OSRC)

    Innovation in the rc hobby, made in Cyprus! The Open Source Remote Control (OSRC) isn't a transmitter, and it's not a receiver, it's an open source remote control system. The OSRC offers FPV capabilities, digitally encoded self-moving gimbals, additional module components and more. you will...
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    Axial Wraith formula offroad

    my recent build link to the build in the video description
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    Merry X-mas Giveaway from Overkill Concepts

    merry X-mas n happy holiday
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    Get your hands on my Dog Balls CONTEST!!!!

    i want to get my hands on some dpr dog balls
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    Thanks to 20,000 members!! Do you want a Free Baja!!

    I want one nice job guys!!!
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    bashing on sand pics 9-4-11

    We spend all day in the best bashing place in Cyprus tons of fun nice guys
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    12v power supply

    Hi guys In my contry is very hard to get a power supply for my quick chargers that are more than 5A so i made my own from a pc power supply that was around for ages its a very nice mod
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    D's Brakes Contest!!!

    i say 69
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    *****free bumper giveaway*****

    5B and tray 780 grams 5T and tray 830 grams