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    about 2013 hpi baja

    so ive seen things about the new 5sc also noticed there is a new look for the 5b but then i was on the europe page of hpi there was an ad on there page saying there is a new revised 5t does any one now if that will also be sold in the usa or just over seas
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    what should i do help most votes i will go that direction

    i want to vinal wrap by weoodster lid flatte black or should i paint it
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    5t and 5sc

    ok whats up guys here this beers on me.. i have a hpi 5sc stock with a ddm pipe and some upgrades so my ? is im going to buy another rc for my wife to use sometimes hah should i get another 5sc or a 5t im lost or what should i do:confused:
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    getting a 5sc super and info on battery can i use racer edge 4s lipos two of th

    getting a 5sc super and info on battery can i use racer edge 4s lipos two of th
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    electric or 2 stoke

    what do you think electric or two stroke
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    need help

    5sc won't start what can i do
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    what do u need to setup inroad 5sc

    list of things i need on 5sc to make it on road :cowboy:
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    woodster 5sc body paint styles

    I'm getting one in the mail today not sure what design to do or just keep it a solid color was going for all white or black but also the canon camera stele but opposite instead of main color white go black post ur pics
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    can't get my 5sc to start

    i ran it with a little bit of gas a week ago ran out of fuel completely i put gas in yesterday with oil i decided to try 100 octane from 76 with blue marble oil I've been pulling my car for two days went out and changed the plug also adjusted needles to stock 1 1/2 and 1 1/4 but...
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    hpi 5sc in covina ca
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    about toublar suspension arm hbz

    will it fit the 5sc great or no