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    Custom Battery Trays

    Just picked up a 5SC Flux and was wondering if anyone has wider battery trays? I want to get some 8400 Mah batteries, but they're too wide for the stock trays.
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    ESP Motor and pipe combo......

    I'm looking to upgrade to a better pipe. I currently have: 5T, with ESP 27.2 big bore kit with 2mm stroker crank. 5B, with ESP 27.2 big bore kit with stuffed 2mm stroker. I was thinking VRC BB for the T, Bartolone tuned for the B. Am i on the right track here guys? Thanks in advance!
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    Power Jam 2012

    I would love to go down to Power Jam next year, who would join me? We could make a vacation out of it if the wives/gf wanted to come. Trying to get an idea now so i can plan some activities if need be. :rockon: :rockon:
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    Baja Bash #3 Another vid of another run at a local bash spot.
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    Baja 5B Bash

    My first video here, hope it works ok! :)
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    Calling all you MANITOBA baja-shers!

    Right, so i'll ask again, who's ready to rumble?! We need to get something going here SOON! I'm off again on the weekend of May 14th, so post up as we need to meet!
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    Front Cable Brake Upgrade?

    Not sure if this is in the right section, but are there any other cable brake sets other than the Integy one?
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    Any Minnesota/N.Dakota events this year?

    Hey, anyone know of any events in these 2 states this year? I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba and looking for some new places to go.:rockon:
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    2speed tranny

    So what's the verdict on these? I've read that they aren't that great when off road (which is where we all yearn to be, after all!) Should I just get a full mod motor and gear it for speed?:confused: