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    shipping when you have time

    Just wanted to clarify everyone I sold parts to other than parts over weekend has been shipped and most of them updated on paypal...I do not get why people act like this forum is a store and the items are to be sent next day air to get to them super fast..I ship as soon as possible and keep in...
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    Sold / Found brand new rpm arm set

    full set front and rears dyed black....45 shipped u.s
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    man this sucks

    had to start selling off some parts from my baby slowed this week and rent is overdue. i am hoping to keep some of it and rebuild eventually but man its depressing stripping her down to sell stuff....
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    Sold / Found elcon 4 shoe clutch with basher plate

    four shoe clutch with thicker basher back plate. 40 shipped u.s sold!!
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    Sold / Found phatdad braces and fan cover brace

    full set of braces and fan cover brace de annodized silver..tank brace included just haven't taken it off yet..40 shipped u.s
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    my moms birthday today.....

    today is my moms birthday. she would have turned 56. i lost her very suddenly to cancer 2 years ago and have not felt right ever since...she was such an amazing and lovely woman. i miss her dearly..just wanted to say my thoughts and heart goes out to anyone who is dealing with a similar...
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    Win a SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit... round 2

    i need the ultimate!
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    finally went out and bashed hard

    today i got my sons pede out for him and i took the baja to my neighbors back yard. he has a forty foot long raised septic and put black dirt over it with grass.. i was almost clearing side to side long ways jumping..shoulda took some video... i almost forgot how much fun it is beating on rcs...