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    OBR/Turtle sealed clutch housing

    Do you still run them? Do I just pull the seal out of the crankcase? Thanks again for donating the engine so I could win it!!!!
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    Wheel nuts coming loose

    Has anyone else had the problem of DS nuts coming loose on DS extenders?? My left one come loose no matter how tight I put it on..
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    Blue and White Baja In R/C Action

    Hope you guys have enjoyed the pics of the blue and white 5B in R/C Car Action the last two months in the Big talk section. Enrique Pavia and Kevin Hemanski were going like crazy shooting my car when we went out with HPI and the Monster Jam guys. They couldnt belive I was driving like I was...
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    What A Long Weekend New Years Baby born 1-1-11 at 12:00:15

    My wife was due 1-11-11 and was having some weird pains thursday and thought for sure she would go into labor thursday night but nothing. Friday morning came with a few pains but no contractions. We had the both our parents and family over for new years eve for some poker and movies. At 10:30...
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    Wooooohooooo!!! Its a boy

    Went with the wife this morning to the ultrasound. I was nervous as hell as we already have a 3 year old and a 14 month old girls. we wanted 3 and I wanted a boy. I got my wish!!! She is due Jan 9
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    Sold / Found More parts for sale

    Stock channel 3 remote and receiver $25 plus shipping SOLD Stock 26 cylinder,crank and piston.Got this in a package deal with a car that the owner installed a 30.5 kit in.was told 1 tank only and it looks like it. Not a scratch in the piston or cylinder.Look at the pics. $45 plus shipping...
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    Sold / Found Lots of parts for sale

    Take out 23cc engine complete from air filter to exhaust.Pullstart to pinion gear.Never has had fuel in it.$170 plus shipping SOLD Complete set of stock tires with 65% rear tread left and fronts 80% $45 plus shipping SOLD Used set of badlands with foams and no rims 40% left $15 plus...
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    Turtle gear plate and carrier question

    If I allready have Turtle enclosed carrier will the Turtle gear plate work with it or is it a different one like in the complete clutch kit ?? Thanks
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    HPI Light control unit in Futaba 3PM HRS mode

    IS this ok or will it fry the unit?? It seems to be ok but I havent used it much yet.
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    Losi rx 2.4ghz

    I am looking for a stock Losi 2.4 receiver that comes with some of the RTR's. I have a transmitter and just need a receiver.I belive its a MRX3000
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    Baja 5b-5t wheels

    How much narrower do the T rims make the B?? The peeps that put B paddles on T there foam in them?? Thanks
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    HPI light setup unit

    Will this work with any radio as long as its a 3 channel???
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    Engine building and porting tips

    I am building a GP290 with a 2mm stuffer crank and the stock Baja case. Do you engine builders out there knife edge the crank?? How much porting is too much?? Just looking for some tips to get some more out of this engine.
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    Some fun at Dumont

    Here are a couple vids. Some more to come as it takes forever to convert 1080i to standard video for you tube. http:// http:// I'll post the others soon as I get them converted.
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    The 4 shoe Lauter clutch I have seemed to have a low enguagement out of the bag. How sensitive is this clutch to adjustment?? 2 turns in would raise the enguagement how high?? Thanks
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    Intake leaking

    Has anyone had a problem with the Z-RC billet intakes leaking with their teflon gaskets??
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    Teflon zero drag seals

    Has anyone used these? I just got done building the bottom end for my new ported beast and tried to turn the crank....its too stiff.It will barely turn. I dont understand why they are so tight. I took them out and the crank spins nice and free,only problem is now I need another set of seals and...
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    Dyno Chart

    Does anyone have a dyno chart for a GBE SB? I am just wondering the RPM range.
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    Extended turnbuckles

    Does anyone make a set of extended turn buckles for the FLM Extended arm kit?? The setup they have you use is BS!!
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    Engine size??

    I am getting read to build my new engine. I have a stock CY23 that I am installing a GP290(for the stock bore) that I had ported along with the case.I am also going to install a 2mm Stuffer crank. Would this be a 30.5 or a 31cc or something entirely different