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    Turnbuckles for the Losi Buggy XL

    DGI Racing presents turnbuckles (steering links), Front upper arm & Rear upper arm for the new 1/5 Losi Buggy XL Aluminum body 6061 zero tolerance bushings steel rods Direct replacement no modifications needed Life time warranty If something brakes no hassle replacement Price: 44.99 for it's...
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    Giveaway 2" dgi wheel extenders

    Free giveaway every week 2" set wheel extenders from Dgi Racing one post per day please I want the DGI extenders for my Baja every Sunday starting now one winner till the end of March 2014 All winners every week will be announce in the front page of this thread If the winner needs 5mm pins...
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    Win a set of DGI turnbuckles

    Chance to win a Dgi racing turnbuckle set, post I want the DGI turnbuckles for my baja Members POST ONCE PER DAY Every sunday one winner till the end of 2013. Shipping paid by DGI domestic or international Winner no matter If you want to buy direct go to...
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    T-shirts & hats

    Now DGI Racing T-shirts & hats t shirts L & XL @ $13.99 cup hats one size fits all @ $14.99 [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]
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    2" & 3" wheel extenders coming soon

    Coming soon 1" 2" & 3" INCH wheel extenders by DGI racing, for 4mm or 5mm pin,7075 aluminum ,only rear for now but soon for the front too I forget to mention LIFE TIME WARRANTY no matter what!!!! [/URL][/IMG]
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    Facebook contest

    Every week for the month of September on winner, price??? DGi Racing turnbuckles for the HPI Baja [/URL][/IMG]
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    New baja chassi for Twin rcmk cr600fp

    The new chassi design from DGI racing is for the hpi baja and it fits only the twin rcmk cr600fp, The new chassi is wider compere the original and thicker This is the prototype, under test mode, soon in production The twin cr600fp is the same engine like cr600b the difference is the FP model...
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    youtube videos DGI racing

    Check out our videos on youtube
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    Discount code for all members

    5% off to all members off the forum, code ( baja forum )
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    Carbon fiber diff support rings for baja From DGI Racing

    Diff Cup Support Rings for HPI Baja Carbon fiber diff cup support ring for Baja Make your buggy unstoppable by upgrading with this carbon fiber cups Superior quality and extremely smooth finish. High quality 3K Carbon fiber Sold in set of 4...
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    Dgi Racing heavy duty steering link for HPI Baja

    DGI Racing heavy duty steering links turnbuckles for HPI Baja coming in pairs The set incudes: 2 LH steel rods, 2 RH steel rods, 2 aluminium body turnbuckles, 2 misalignment spacers,4 bolts 4 nuts
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    Class1 cage and wraps

    The class1 cage came today and start the work, looks very nice!!!!
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    DGi Racing wrap-decal for class1

    DGI Racing proudly introduce decal for Kraken class1 baja cage Add some style to your Class1 Give your Kraken class1 some extra style with these ultra heavy duty 14 mil DGI graphic kits by Thunder Designs.