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    shipping when you have time

    Just wanted to clarify everyone I sold parts to other than parts over weekend has been shipped and most of them updated on paypal...I do not get why people act like this forum is a store and the items are to be sent next day air to get to them super fast..I ship as soon as possible and keep in...
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    Sold / Found brand new rpm arm set

    full set front and rears dyed black....45 shipped u.s
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    man this sucks

    had to start selling off some parts from my baby slowed this week and rent is overdue. i am hoping to keep some of it and rebuild eventually but man its depressing stripping her down to sell stuff....
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    Sold / Found elcon 4 shoe clutch with basher plate

    four shoe clutch with thicker basher back plate. 40 shipped u.s sold!!
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    Sold / Found phatdad braces and fan cover brace

    full set of braces and fan cover brace de annodized silver..tank brace included just haven't taken it off yet..40 shipped u.s
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    my moms birthday today.....

    today is my moms birthday. she would have turned 56. i lost her very suddenly to cancer 2 years ago and have not felt right ever since...she was such an amazing and lovely woman. i miss her dearly..just wanted to say my thoughts and heart goes out to anyone who is dealing with a similar...
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    finally went out and bashed hard

    today i got my sons pede out for him and i took the baja to my neighbors back yard. he has a forty foot long raised septic and put black dirt over it with grass.. i was almost clearing side to side long ways jumping..shoulda took some video... i almost forgot how much fun it is beating on rcs...
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    just a header??

    Anyone ever try just a header with straight pipe out the ass end? looking at my v1 dominator and it got me thinking how it would run/sound with straight pipe....
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    Lucas upper cylinder lube

    Wondering if anyone adds a splash to their mixed well in full size cars and cleans and lube the cylinder.piston.and whatnot...
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    Just put new rcmk plus one crank new bearings seals and inserts, along with new ring and polished the inside up a bit and just from heat cycling i can notice she is singing a new tune. lots more compression and more aggressive exhaust note. sounds good for under sixty bucks to spruce her up...
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    5SC , whats best for BP basher set up

    Stick with the chase cage for bashing. every review says its the best. you have a good start as far as parts go. i would run it when you get everything on it and then re evaluate your needs for certain areas... good luck and have fun.
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    this one looks like it really works both ways..nice body too
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    engine rebuild?

    i ran my baja today and noticed it wasn't ripping as usual, thought clutch so pulled the motor to take the elcon off for a cleaning and i can move my crank up and down enough to make it click. pretty sure need new bearings, my cylinder and piston still look good, can i just put a new ring on it...
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    conley v8 monster truck video is a little blurry but man those little engines put out some power
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    good clear coat for aluminum?

    Any one have a suggestion on a spray clear coat that will somewhat protect aluminum. thanks
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    big thanks to you

    Just wanted to say thanks for the package...really appreciate it and when its done ill put up a pic of my boys bike......thanks again bud
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    crank bearings and seals

    Wondering the best/easiest way to replace you need a tool to press them in and out? my old motor i just popped out with driver but don't want to risk damaging my pro mod. thanks
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    getting there, but still a ways to go
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    is 3/4 out too low on low needle

    I tried gizmos suggested oil and ratio and my motor bogged and died at idle after a minute or two. Then again and even if I held it open it would hum and then die. I ended up with the low set at 3/4 or a hair under and it ran good with lots of smoke and spitting oil out pipe. Is there a no go...
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    stock clutch vs elcon

    Anyone know if the elcon slips on clutch bell. the stock seemed to grab a lot better and it seems like i lost a lot power wise all around. thanks