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    smoked another one

    haha well i havent had good luck with motors as of late i smoked my 30.5 friday and my 26 today at the mines. but i think we got some good video b4 it went. Imbroken or bluepoint baja post it up plz..:gunsmilie:
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    So my worst fears are confirmed i smoked my modded 30.5. Going back to the 26 for the weekend bash. Man i hope doug sells a ported top end kit as i love this motor.
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    Track size?

    Hey guys we have some property that we are able to clear and put a small track on. i was just wondering what would be a good size to make the lanes on the track. i was thinking about 6 feet wide to run 4 baja's on. Do you think that is to small or could i even make them smaller ?
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    funny stuff
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    broken teeth

    so after i tore out my engine today to fix the head gasket i noticed that 4 of the teeth on the flywheel are missing. what you guys recommend run it or fix it.
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    Blown head gasket?

    so the gasket went today and i have about 1.5 gallons through it should i contact hpi for warranty or just fix it myself?
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    Questions about gears

    So i purchased the TR clutch system with the 17 tooth pinion and stock spur my buddy is using the rcwd 16/58 how can i get that combo using the TR system
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    I have a ? guys i have a 3pk radio and i just purchased the 2.4 modual and reciever. im not sure what mode to run it in HRS ,PCM or PPM any help would be great i know i used to run my mugen on HRS but it had digital servos.
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    Out of stock everywhere?

    does anyone know when Tr is gonna get some stock on their clutch system i keep breaking the dam pinion bolts.