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    Canton area... anyone? Baja, Savage, really anything...
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    Saudi Arabia

    Anybody in Saudi Arabia eastern province? Would love to find a new bashing spot...
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    Winter storage

    So here is my question... how do you guys store your bajas for a long period (say winter) Because it seems that every spring when I go to run it again, it's a pain in the rear to start again.... I run it dry, pull the plug, engine fogger shot, and put her on the shelf until spring.... I dont...
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    Neglect, but back again

    I haven't been a good baja owner. I have a sweet SS low hours on it, and it has sat for about a year... getting an occasional start just to hear it. I recently got it running, cleaned up and I am ready to roll...I even have a new Desert Rat truck conversion for it.... so I will paint the shell...
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    pinion / spur combo

    OK I installed my Zen 23 this winter and took it out last week.... drove great fr about an hour then the SS just stops, idles, give it gas and just zzzzz hmmmm I left my parts at home I packed it in and put her on the bench and then I see the nice smooth spur, and some play in the pinion... hmm...
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    Kershaw designs kit. hmmmmmmmmm
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    protection from h2o

    OK, everywhere I read this is a fairly good topic and a million solutions..... well taking some help from so airplane forums, I went out and bought some corrosionx. It is supposed to displace water and inhibit corrosion. So I am doing an experiment (with videos) I just soaked an rx and esc...
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    just being ignorant :)

    So I am installing this lightly run zen 23 I got off a buddy of mine and I have been dying to at least hear it run.... so I am in the shop today after work and decided to fire it up... with no pipe on.... hmmm that darn thing is loud , especially with the windows and garage door shut... .but...
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    Engine stand

    Can anybody recommend a good engine stand? I'll be rebuilding my first baja motor and would like something to bolt it to and then when done I can fire it up the test / troubleshoot... I am even thinking about just making one..... Thanks -igt
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    Idle / Throttle issues

    OK, I have checked spark and it is good, and i even did a new mix of gas / oil (new gas) and I got my baja running... idled for about 3 or 4 mins and then stalled, then I have to choke it once, then it'll start, but only idle for maybe 15 seconds and then stall.... so I tried giving her a little...
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    So check this one out......

    So I popped the cover off of the pinon spur private area... and something looked amiss.... hmmm what is missing? I know where the heck is the spacer that belongs on my spur (you know with the rubber nubs) I look in my hand at the cover, and touche' there it is... now why are you hiding in...
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    wierd one

    ok, does anyone have trouble starting their bajas after sitting for a month or ? Mine seems to not want to start if it sat for awhile... I know.. .run more, but I work, kids and I am grad school full time.... should I store it empty when done running? or full? thanks
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    Baja SS not starting

    OK, here we go.... I have about 3 runs ( 6 tanks ) in a sand / dirt pit near my house, came home the last time, hosed off the baja, fired it up (took a few more pulls than normal but fired up, let idle for a little while, shut off and put on the shelf, well a month later, she won't start.... ok...