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    My World Today

    I'm bored and finding it hard to get motivated today so I thought I'd start a new thread...I work for myself from home's a slow start to thursday:yawn: I always enjoy the photos when on hbf so I've started a My World thread where peeps can snap a pic on their cell and post it here, bring...
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    Apple help needed

    Morning fellas Having zero success viewing YouTube on my devices. Simply says I haven't the correct flash player and links me to a free adobe download Naturally I've followed this and still the problem persists:censored: Any one with any ideas?
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    Sweet Olympics rc

    Turned the tv on and there at the athletics track and saw his buzzingn about
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    Bsw one way bearing size

    Het guys Need help The search buttons not working on my iPhone What size do I need?
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    PGA Tour

    Any golfers in the house?.... Just saw Ricky fowler win....awesome Big Rory it I 15.. Irons and driver
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    Drum solos

    One of my favourite uk artists throughout my life in the uk is Paul weller I'm going to see a gig in a couple of weeks and whilst doing some nostalgic YouTube browsing came across from 2006 The main solo starts at 3.30 and is pretty epic......worth a watch if your into live music..Steve white...
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    Wow it's cold

    This is what I woke up to this morning when I checked my weather this morning! I run a golf drivIng range and have got 3 hrs teaching from 9 am this morning! Brrrrr
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    Breaking parts

    Think I'm the only guy around here who hates breaking parts?. Most talk about bashing the $hite out of the baja's....I hate the idea of busting my precious......maybe I'm getting old but I bash like a pu$$ In 3 years I have never broken a single part stock when bashing..... I do wear...
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    Extreme weather...hpi blitz backflip in the wind

    Today was damn windy when I took my bliz out. It was blowing so hard it straight up flipped my blitz over when I drove into its teeth .. It's bad filming cos I was driving and both were really difficult in these conditions. Random backflip...
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    Wow...Can you believe it.....

    Ok so after getting my blitz for chrimbo I Have been working on a short course track near my house and loving it So anyhow since buying my baja 3 years ago my nitro monster trucks have been collecting dust, I remember about a month before my baja I was pissed because I had both revo and tmax...
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    New blitz for Xmas and new short course track for me

    Update 11/12 River jump now part of the track?.thanks Thanet for the vid Update 02/01 Been out today, put 3 hours work improving the track Doubled the size of the layout , sharpend lips on jumps, put 4 new jumps in...
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    Had the approval... Want a new edition to the rc family!

    Ok for chrimbo the mrs is treating me.... Question is Traxxas slash or hpi blitz?? Want everyone's view?
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    Where's my money best spent? Help

    Ok guys, need some help in deciding where to take my baja 5 bss, side Dom pipe, wild child 29.5 motor, bsw 2 speed 19/55, 23/51 Basically I want more top the rest of us. Should I, A) upgrade pipe. If so Is it going to be better than my side Dom? Noticeable? B) Gear up. Swap to...
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    Diff rebuild feels damn lumpy

    Hey guys Just doing some maintenance and noticed my diff fills reallly lumpy!? Maybe it will be better once it's installed back in the baja! All bearing and seals replaced...weird ha Anyone else notice this.
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    Tps red race ignition

    Any body good any feedback on this? 12% increase in power claimed! Just wanted to see what people in the know thought?
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    In 5 hours I will be in the que to collect my per order copy. Midnight Monday uk time. Can't wait Jimma PGA Xbox Anyone playing?
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    A couple of pics of my beach racer and bash spot!

    No pretty baja here.........It even lost a limb on this outing when it lost a rear wheel...damn hub pins! The track The road to nowhere!
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    How many baja's

    Hi guys Just curious and been wondering how many baja's there are out there?? What do we think?
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    Apple ios 5

    Hi guys, Just updated all my apple devices to iOS 5... First impressions seem impressive! Anyone else done the same? Thoughts? Cool tricks?
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    Spot the difference

    2 baja's but something's not quite right! Can you tell what it is?