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    Tbredon, great guy

    Well this is a long over due feedback report, but between the time I made the purchase from Travis back in July and now, he has been nothing but great. Very understanding, helpful, and has gone way above and beyond what I feel is the call of a typical seller on any forum. Back in june/july I...
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    Sold / Found Pitdawg OBR Giveaway..

    10-4 man.. thanks for the contest. i always participate in these.. there entertaining
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    Sold / Found Pitdawg OBR Giveaway..

    woops sorry missed that! thanks pitMASTER
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    Sold / Found Pitdawg OBR Giveaway..

    220 are we limited to one guess or one guess a day?
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    Pictures and Videos

    this will be a thread for everyone to post pictures or videos of the track for all to see. heres a short video from saturday (5/19/12) evening
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    Ideas, Comments, and Concerns

    for those of you that have attended the track and have some ideas or problems post here. we are looking to make everyone happy so if you have an idea let us know! thanks
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    Closed Days

    we will be posting when Irvine lake RC park will not be open in this thread. Irvine lake RC park will be closed memorial day weekend, the weekend of the 26the and the 27th. there is a large event being held at irvine lake that weekend so we are not allowed to be running. that being said come...
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    Days and hours of operation

    Irvine lake RC tracks will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 8-5 and Wednesday evenings from 4-dusk. Come on out and have a good time! -Justin from Irvine lake RC Park
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    RAMTech Rigid Stand Adapter Giveaway 2012 (One Post per 100 entries)

    I want one Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
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    New bumper for 5b

    well i had a dark soul front bumper and i got tired of bending it and rebending it. i decided i wanted something else and i personally dont care for the bumpers on the market so i modded up a 5sc bumper and mounted it. what do you guys think?
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    Sold / Found FOR SALE: New 5b body camo dipped

    SOLD SOLD SOLD i have a brand new never run 5b body that has been dipped/painted in a camo theme. comes with wing and bottom skid plate too. $50 shipped. paypal only please, international shipping will cost extra
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    Running my new baja

    heres a little clip of my new 5b. still havent really tuned her in perfectly but shes quick!
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    Monsterman...Excellent service

    i picked up some stuff from chris on the DL (nothing posted in the for sale section) and he hooked it up great! friendly man, easy going and not just out to make a buck. came 3k miles in only a few days so im impressed. thanks alot dude! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    Dimblewambie Racing's Ultimate Rig

    Well heres my parts list, take a look and give me your opinions or ideas. i think i have every part covered here but please feel free to let me know what i forgot. i plan on doing a custom chassis stretched a couple inchs in the middle and another in the rear. i still have figuring on some...
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    i want one of these in my baja

    fast forward to 3:40 what do you guys think?
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    PitDaWg Hydro Free Giveaway

    i want to win.
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    PitDaWg Hydro Free Giveaway

    im in again :)
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    PitDaWg Hydro Free Giveaway

    lucky bastard.. congrats man