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    different carb settings on a 26.9cc from stock 23cc

    should my carb be slightly richer on both top and bottom on a 26.9cc big bore kit from ddm from the stock settings on a 23cc? the idle was very high after i rebuilt the carb, and after i broke in the motor so i richend it up to where the idle was right... after i backed off the idle screw...
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    all hazlecreek raceway vids moved

    all videos moved to the picture and video section of the forum guys
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    leapday bajafest 2012
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    two more cool vids of hazlecreek raceway in wa
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    hazlecreek slo-mo madness

    more footage
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    video from hazlecreek raceway

    here is some vid from this last bash session. Will post more soon!
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    tgn two stage "redneck"

    Hey guys, Do i use regular air filter oil like what came with the kit or a spray type like you get at mx shop. I.E PJ-1. Also i only need to oil the INNER yellow part and the stock hpi inner, right?
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    original 5b shocks

    ok next question. I took my shocks apart to put oil in them as they were not fill all the way at the factory as i did the diff. I used the hpi 20wt that came with it when i purchased it used. So here is the question... there are five different settings on the shocks, 1-5,soft to hard. It comes...
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    dying tank and other parts

    simmering the fuel tank! Im dying some parts using knowledge gained here on this forum. Thank you everyone.
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    diff gasket

    Anyone in the auburn, kent, covington area of washington got a spare diff housing gasket? I took mine apart and the seal is expanded and wont fit back in and lhs wont have one til friday.
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    filling rear diff

    Is there a way top top off or fill the 5b diff without tearing apart the two halves. I dont have the gasket it says to replace after every tear down. I just want to top it off like everyone says, i bought it used with 5 tanks through it and i dont believe the previous owner did so
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    heavy duty beadlocks

    Hey guys i just got my order in today and the heavy duty beadlocks dont seem to fit right on the new proline badlands tires, the inner is fine but the outer has a large gap around the sidewall... do i need newer style of rim? I have the original orange body 5b.
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    baja 5b exhaust

    I just bought my first 1/5th scale after being 1/8th scale nitro for years. My purchase was the first model of the 5b offered (used $440, low run time!). I just ordered and paid for the ss tuned pipe to replace the stock can. I LIKE IT Loud!!! but it sounds like it doesnt give a performance...