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    Hey anybody try some of that VPRacing pre-mix fuel? Good stuff.
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    I know its probably a already much talked up subject, but for reason i cannot get my truck to turn left nearly as much as right. Ive done a couple things but to no avail. Please some help.
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    Ft. Campbell

    Just got stationed in or @Ft. Campbell & was wondering are there any guy's with an baja in the area? If so let me know so we can tear sum up.
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    Bumper & pipe

    Can someone please show me a pic or show me how to put the Uber rear bumper & DDM side mount pipe on my truck? Thanks
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    I recently pulled the rope on the baja but now the string is hanging half way out, how do I get it back rolled up?
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    I kno it's not a major upgrade & but I think their cool. But if someone would please show sum pics or guide me to where sum are of how to run the rear lights wires so they won't be all over the place really would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    RPM arms

    Recently bought a pair of rpm arms & on the front set my hinge won't go thru enough for me to put the c-clip on. It's only doin this with 1 of them. I check the between the arms & they both have the same on it. IDK
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    Quick fuel system

    I recently bought the fuel system (great Product). But I was wondering do I need to have the quick bar release to allow it to connect to the roll bar? Because other than that it is too big for the roll bar.
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    Dog Bones

    Can someone please tell me how to get the dog bones out of the transmission case?
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    Quick one

    Hey yo fellas, I'm curious to know can you Dye Black?:sailor:
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    Sway bar

    Quick question: Will my 5b sit higher if I added the sway bar kit? Thanks.
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    Out driving the baja today & it's not the first time but the c clip that goes over the spur keeps coming off. I know I can simply put another 1 on but who wants to have an headache? So I'm asking what are some good ideas for it not to happen again?
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    Wont move

    while out giving the Baja hell it stop moving while the motor still running. I guess it has something to do with the drive train but I can't see what's what. The axle boots look good,... IDK. Help....
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    Hey fellas where do I get 1 of those Woodster bodies?
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    wont turn

    out driving my truck today & I notice that I have more turn to the right than I have to the left. Can anyone help me out that? thanks
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    Put my new motor in & everything is fine with that. But now i have this dragging in my clutch. Could someone help me on this. Did I over tighten the screws?
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    I have a runnin MCD; can I take the motor from it & use it in the 5B? My original motors are in the shop & I wanna play a lil this weekend.
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    4 wheel drive

    Hey got a question, if 4 wheel drive is so much better why haven't no one made an upgrade for it? Or is it not better?
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    Baja monkey

    I'm sending it back to hpi just wanna kno why I'm struggling? But about 4 months ago I bought the 5b the thing ran just fine. Then in Feb. I bought the 5t. For some reason the 5t is not as nice as the 5b. I got 1 day out the 5t, since then been flooding. Hpi said send the motor back in, well...
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    Why can't I have fun with my 5T? It's always flooded out. Don't know why. All I do is put the choke on & try & crank it. Flooded!!!! This is a new truck. I did have 1 good day, but even that day I had to wait till the flood was gone. Seriously what is wrong with the truck? Should I just send it...