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    turtle v2 pull start noise

    Just mounted this new turtle pull start, followed TFE youtube video how-to. it's seems to be making this strange noise during idle, might be rubbing the flywheel or something? anyone familiar with this sound? i'll embed a video and you can clearly hear it while i'm idling. Thanks for the help...
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    park jumps by fiddy

    member fiddy jumping his stealth black kraken class 1 tsk baja at the park. enjoy
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    exhaust residue?

    is this sooty greasy residue normal? it's all over the rear end of my baja after every run. i clean it off but it always comes back. i use a copper gasket and torqued that thing real well. do i need to add silicone or something to that? also the manifold to exhaust fitting is hose clamped...
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    meet up?

    anyone wanna give this track a run on a weekend sometime? pick a date; i'll be there.
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    baja jump

    my buddy jumping his brand new baja ss.