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    Awesome! Parts ordered!

    Just ordered my turnbuckles, ff windows and shock parts! Can't wait. They already shipped too. Fast! Thanks guys!
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    To all the bay area!

    Guys/Gals, I will be working in San Carlos for the summer. I live in San Jose. I was wondering what is the fastest/cheapest/convenient way to get to San Carlos using Public Transportation. Please let me know. Thanks, Manuel
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    Need a Job!

    Guys, Im not sure if this is where this post belongs but i was wondering if any of you know any place that is hiring. I recently got my B.S in aviation and im trying to find a job. Let me know. Thank You, Manuel
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    Lipo battery/charger combo!?

    Guys, I'm trying to buy a cheap/average lipo battery/charger combo for my brushless 1/10 scale stadium truck. I have a small idea of lipos but I'm no expert. What should I need to know and what's a combo worth the price. Let me know guys. Thanks Manuel
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    B converted to SC??? How??

    Guys, I want to convert my 5B to looks of a 5SC. Can anyone tell me exactly what i need please. Thank You Manuel
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    What a bad day..Sort of...

    Guys, So i decided to go run my baja today. I get to a good spot where i can use it and i start it up. Everything goes well. Im having fun and all when i hit a huge rock and it flips over. Luckily nothing major happened. So i decide to stop because i realize that there are a lot of sharp rocks...
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    Im Back!

    Guys, Im back from my 2months journey. Mexico was fun. Its time to use my 5b now. Manuel
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    Vacation Time!

    Guys, Well since i have graduated ive decided to take a small vacation. I will be leaving the country and going to my birthplace hometown, Jalisco, Mexico. I will be back till March so ill miss checking the forum on a daily basis. Happy New years and take care guys. Manuel
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    Loose sand? Really loose sand!

    Guys, So i was wondering what tire would be best on a super loose dirt/sand. I mean its really slippery. I can control anything on full throttle. Im running the hostile mx right now by the way. Let me know please. Thank you guys. Manuel
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    What happened!!! Noo! Please help! :(

    Guys, So today I was running my baja, making jumps and all, when I hit a jump amd when it landed it didn't want to go anymore :/. I would throttle it and it would rev up but it wouldn't go forward. It seemed maybe the drivetrain(or something related) was stuck. I thought it would probably be...
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    Just wanted to say congratulations to myself! I just graduated and received my Aviation degree with a business minor from San Jose State University! :)
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    Bashing spots near San Jose?

    Are there any bashing spots near San Jose? I cant seem to find any :/
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    Losi Brushless Motor Help!!!

    Guys, So i bought this motor/esc brushless system. I have a question though. Does the rotor on the motor come completely out? I can pretty much grab the rotor and pull it out completely from the motor can. Is this normal? Or what is going on? The guy i bought it off said it ran good. Its also...
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    Happy Independence Day!

    Guys, Happy 4th of July and enjoy this beautiful day. Even though I was born in Mexico, I want to thank USA what it has to offer and what it has given me. Without this beautiful nation I would not have my baja :) and many other things of course. Take care guys
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    Month old gas?

    Guys, Will a month old gas still lubricate/run good or should I just get new gas?
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    Gold Cup Final!!

    Guys, Mexico vs USA!!!!. Going to be there this Saturday. Don't know if you guys watch/like soccer but I'm pretty excited for the game to be here already. Anyways, are there any good hobby shops in the l.a area I can go to where I can purchase baja stuff? Like outerwears and stuff. Let me...
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    Which Outerwear?

    Guys, Which outerwear is more bang for the buck? or I will be using the stock filter.
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    My new front light conversion!

    Hey guys, So i decided to install a front bicycle blackburn light. These lights are super powerful and are sooo light. They charge with a USB port and last hrs. They have 3 select modes: Low beam, high beam and flashing. So i decided to install it on my baja just for funs. It works great. Here...
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    Stock brake adjustment?

    Guys, How do I adjust the stock brakes. I want to see If that will help the braking problem because for some reason it doesnt brake anymore.
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    Dark Soul Racing

    Guys, Does anyone know anyone or anything about Dark Sour Racing and where they are from? I ask because i live near Fort ord (well sort of) and i saw that they have a bashing video on youtube and i really want to go there to bash and maybe even bash with those guys. I just cant seem to find...