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    **NEW** Losi 1/5 wrc rally car

    **NEW** Losi 1/5 wrc rally car with EFI Losi just announced the new addition to their 5th scale range - the Wrc Mini Clubman Rally Car Check it out
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    Brought a LiPo but having issues allready

    So ive bit the bullet and purchased a lipo for my truck as i need longer run times. Unboxed it today and wasnt sure how much charge it comes with so ive tried to charge it with my lipo charger. Heres my battery Now from the information on the front of that i have enterd this into my charger...
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    Cy290 gasket question

    The head bolts on my cy290 came loose the other day causing the gasket to tear. My question is can i use liquid gasket instead of another paper one... Providing i check the squish for clearance.
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    GoPro Bash Videos
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    Hpi baja GoPro Hero first test with my GoPro camera. can you spot the girls running away from the baja? lol
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    Home made front bumper

    well so far i havent made anything for my baja that takes a great deal of fabrication and scratching my head :huh2: but today i was out in the garage and found a flat plate of steel and thought to myself 'this would make a good front bumper' so me and my younger brother, both of us with no...
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    ritdye the baja

    can you use ritdye on the baja body? im thinking of completey dipping my baja body in neon green ritdye so its tinted then applying some camo style black and grey stickers over the top
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    Receiver box...

    Soo whos going to be the 1st vendor to offer us a porperly sealed plastic receiver box? we need something water tight with gromments for the servo cables to pass through. nothing fancy or completely different from stock, but just a good radio box that wont leak! i think there is a very big...
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    Monster Energy Baja 5B

    here's a couple pics i snapped the other day, its still just a roller as ive not finished cleaning it up and putting everything back together hence no exhaust lol, also i got some neon green windows from pitdawg to fit later today. Baja Skunkworks beadlocks on Proline rims
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    Funny gifs

    a few gifs i found trolling the internet for lulz and the winnar.. thankyou.. im here all week :tongue:
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    Who says baja's cant drift?!

    Who says baja's cant donut?! short video i made today. the baja just wants to hang its arse out so thats exactly what i did! :2guns: the tyres wernt too happy after lol :huh2: enjoy!
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    2011 Endurance racing

    So will there be another 24 or 12 hour endurace race this year? I loved watching the videos on youtube allways gets me excited to see 16 baja's running all day! also what country will it be in?
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    Hostile slicks

    so im browsing DDM for some road tyres and find this set of hostile on road slicks. whats tripping me out is the $40 price for a set of front and rears? is that correct? its got both front and rear's pictured and a buggy with all 4...
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    its been snowing quite bad here in england, so i had to take the baja out in the snow! was good fun but i just cuddnt go in a stright line lol And a couple pictures..
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    My Black 5B

    Had a good strip down and clean last week, as you can see i got her real dirtiee! finally all put back together. let me know what you think The stripdown and clean A couple turtle parts and the new TR diff The Build up The TR diff mounted Coming together over the...
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    DDM billet high-flow air filter?

    im sick of cleaning my tgn foam filter and outwears cover and i find it quite difficult without using solvents, for this ddm filter i can replace foams at $3 a filter id rather just install a new foam every month. also the filter is enclosed in a billet case so seems like dirt wont directly...
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    So guys how long can you last ;)

    SO how many tanks of fuel can you last before you break something? honestly, i last average about 2, then im back to DDM for another spend. Is it my driving style? Am i going too fast and too rough? What about you guys!?
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    New Cy 27

    hey mmr! will you be picking up the new F-270 (4-bolt) CY Motor anytime? hoping to get my hands of one of these engines in the next few months..
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    Hostile MXT on 5b rims

    quick question, will the Hostile MXT tires fit onto the front 5b rims? i know they comes it 2 different sizes, was wondering if i order a set of fronts would they fit on the rim? cheers