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    Losi Pipe *new version*

    I have a brand new never used, new version Losi pipe for sale. $125 shipped in con. U.S. Thanks! :D
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    Sold / Found OBR full mod

    WHat I got here is an OBR full mod 30.5 long block with X-can for sale.SOLD
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    The Dirt 2013

    The Dirt nitro challenge has been officially scheduled for Feb 20-24 at Fear Farm...
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    Open labor day

    OPEN LABOR DAY Last minute deal Open 8am to 4pm come on out!!!:scooter:
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    Sold / Found HPI Bullet fluxxx

    HPI bullet, SOLDnew in box, great deal at $235 shipped in usa
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    Sold / Found Got too many parts!

    EVERYTHING SOLDI have a Turtle racing rear top plate brake combo set SOLD, DS front extenders with clippless mod $20 SOLD,IRP front upper ball joints SOLD, MCmaster rear upper ball jointssold ,OBR clutch housing with machined clutch holder SOLD,HPI clutch plate with HD bearing support SOLD...
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    Bullet fuelin my 5ive

    I just got my 5ive and was more than happy to find out the bullet fueler fits and works great. I like to keep the TC adapter attached to the fueler and just put the hose over the fuel cap to fuel.The vented cap also looks great in there. Thats some happy fuelin!
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    PCSC Slipper clutch with Hostile spur mod

    I tried a few different ways for quite a while to get my PCSC to be friends with the Hostile spur and I finally found what works.It's not an easy mod and I messed up my first time but the second two went easier.First I took my body hole reamer and reamed out both sides of the soon to be bearing...
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    *JayVee* !!!!Thanks for the quick payment and good transaction.:euro:
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    Throttle return spring mod

    Here's a mod I did for those who might have a stock radio system or don't yet have an electronic kill switch.It is important to have your failsafe set ,and be able to use your failsafe although it won't kill your motor. This is just an added mod that can re center your throttle servo if your rx...
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    Milestone Double header vids

    Here's a couple vids from Milestones Double header 2011.It was a great time with great people.We raced oval Friday night and offroad Sat. This is the whole 5t expert A-main Skip to 5:40 on oval vid to get to trucks
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    Buggy conversion

    I'm a shortcourse guy but It would be cool to see some buggy conversions. Those Grafil buggy bodies would be sick.Might need a new cage for the conversion though.Just wondering what everybody thinks about it.
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    Sold / Found Bullet fueler V1 tc cage adapter 2 gas caps,spurgear

    I got an extra V1 TC cage adapter new in bag $15.Two bullet fueler caps with valves $15 each,Hostile 57 spur $10. HPI soft springs front and rear for whole set.SOLD DDM hd rear springsSOLD
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    Sold / Found Lipo's

    SOLDI got 4 2s lipos all balance well.
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    Sold / Found bleeder caps,carrier,chassis,tfe balls,more

    All prices shipped in USA. 2 sets Fast Eddy front hub cone balls SOLD DDM skull gas cap-$10. GH billet clutch carrier...
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    Gas cap

    Does any body know if the 5ive gas caps are the same size as our Baja's?I've got a cool DDM cap and my bullet fueller that would be nice to be able to use.
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    what motor you going.....

    I've got a race ported 30.5 long block I hope will be the hot ticket with a T can
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    HPI slipper clutch and Hostile gear

    I'm having a problem keeping the gear on the slipper carrier.It's rubbing on my clutch plate after a little bit.I was thinking some hi temp sealer might keep it on, but what kind will do best on a plastic gear.
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    Kraken RC HD Stainless steel hinge pins

    I just got these Kraken RC HD steel hinge pins and first off in the bag I can tell they are heavy duty.They're Milt-spec stainless steel and made for bashing,racing, big jumping and overall baja abuse which is right up my alley.I got these because I need superior strength pins especially for the...
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    Steering servo we've all been waiting for!

    It's out now! Hooray for High Voltage!HS-5765MH HV Digital Metal Gear Giant Servo Additional Views When it comes to your big RC projects, size does matter - that’s why Hitec engineered the HS-5765MH. This high voltage cousin of our popular...