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    Sold / Found HPI Baja 5SC Complete

    Hello HBF, unfortunately it has come time to sell my 5SC to fund another hobby. I purchased this used with no mods off craigslist, and as we all know, thats when the mods start happening. I would prefer to sell this as a complete with no part outs as of right now. Lets hope someone wants a...
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    Ever Seen One of These?!?

    Anodized Orange sealed clutch housing???
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    Removing TR "Dog Drive" System

    I purchased a used 5sc that had a V2 TR pull start installed on the stock fuelie. I recently purchased a OBR motor and wanted to swap over the pull start. I start to disassemble the pull start off the stock motor, and it comes off fine. My issue is with the dog drive system. I installed a...
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    NorCal Racing

    I just got word that NorCal Racing in Union City is having 1/5th scale racing this Saturday. Stock mufflers only.
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    Spark Plug for 30.5cc FM

    I am getting an OBR 30.5cc FM shortly and I want to pick up a few extra spark plugs... what plugs are you guys running / recommend?
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    Racing Planned?

    I am pretty new to 1/5 scale, but not to racing... is this track still open? If so, when does the new season begin?
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    Pre-Christmas to Me!

    Now I have to wait to get home to install it... stupid work.