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    New Web Site

    New site looks great! However, I tried ordering today and got pretty frustrated not being able to register/log in. Couldn't even place an order. Anyone else having issues or am I an idiot?
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    Power Switch Options

    Has anyone tried this type of On/Off switch in a 1/5 scale gas vehicle? I suspect I've been having signal loss due to circuit faults with the power switch in my Losi 5ive--many others have the same. I wanted to see who's been having similar...
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    Top End Misfiring/Sputtering

    Alright all you experts of the mighty piston ported two-stroke, I've been having a recent issue with a 2-bolt ESP Race Ported 28.5 in my 5B. It's becoming increasingly more difficult to cold start and I'm losing RPM's on the high end while making what can be best described a slight, misfire...
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    Help Recommend a 7.4V Rated T/B Servo from Hitec?

    I'm looking at the new Hitec 8380TH to use as a T/B servo for a 7.4 LiPo Rx Battery. Looks fast and torquey--good for braking. Anyone have any opinions? Any help is appreciated. :p
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    DS Toobz with Hostile Hubs and Grey Boots

    Using the three products, do you need to trim the outer (wheel side) boots? The boots appear to be tight despite the milled relief in the hubs. Any help is appreciated.
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    Great guy to deal with and super fast shipping--great packaging as well! Thanks!
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    Best LiFe battery for Baja?

    Getting ready to do some radio box modding for a LiFe battery I bought a while back. Not sure but I think it might be from KillerRC. Can anyone identify it and share the specs? I realized there are a few different manufacturer's out there and I want to be sure I'm modding to accept the...
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    PhatDad manifold, Kraken Quick Connect, FFRC Windshield

    Anyone try to make these fit with a stock air filter? A not-too-web-savvy friend of mine is having issues and wanted me to post. He claims the combo causes the filter to come out so far it hits the windshield and the end of the fuel tank cradle by the fuel line grommet on the tank. He can't...
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    PegLeg's Pull Start Pegs

    Hey All, I've noticed pullstarts can be a real hassle to maintain and we're always pulling them off and putting them back on in order to get our rigs up and running again. Sometimes we have to scramble to find the right driver and other times we don't have one on us when we're just bashing...
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    Has anyone tried this?

    I'm trying to find out the best way to mount Redcat MT wheels onto a Losi 5ive. I think it would look badass. I'm not worried about clearing the stock body fenders b/c I intend to use my thrasher body. The hex hubs for the 5ive are 24mm and the Redcat MT hubs are 23mm. Would the Redcat hubs fit...