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    B-DuB86 is the man!

    Bought an HS-805MG from him, got here super quick and in great condition! Thanks B-DuB86!!!
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    The vendors here are awesome!

    So I have been around the forum now for a couple months and I have to say, there are a couple vendors that regularly hang out on the forum, offering advice to forum members. There are many many companies that wouldn't, and don't take the time to do so! You guys know who you are and to you I say...
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    Not your average light pods...

    I thought I would share what I have been working on, I picked up a couple sets of light pods a couple weeks back, and set to work to build a different light pod than what is available currently. Once I got all the LED's all soldered up I setup the light on one of my custom LED control boards...
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    Exhaust and poor quality welds?

    I am not trying to bash here, but being a welder for the last 15 years I tend to notice these things. It seems like every aftermarket exhaust I see has terrible welds, and for some reason this is the norm, am I missing something here? Personally if I were producing an exhaust I wouldn't send...
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    Who rides?

    Just curious who here rides, I ride a 2008 Yamaha Raider S, I love my bike! I rode sport bikes for years, after owning my Raider I would never go back!
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    Stock spotlight, where do I buy em?

    So I will be purchasing a 5B here very soon, in the meantime I want to do some working with lighting in the stock spotlight setup. Now I know there are systems available but I prefer to build my own, I am just looking for the stock plastic housings, anybody know where I can buy just the housings?