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    Question: on road

    Are the 5sc HD: Trans Gears, Drive Cups, & Dogbones "reliable", using a OBR 2 speed, Vertigo Diff locker and OBR 30.5 fm w/ VRC pro pipe for drag racing/speed runs? Looking to upgrade to phatdad 5mm if needed, but not sure if its absolutely neccessary on road. Thanks!
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    5sc to 5b

    Hey guys, Recently I was bored and changed my 5sc to the 5b. With the all heavier upgrades I've added to the 5sc I'm surprised how well the 5b handles all the additional weight. I like the bee so much I have to get it for the speed runs! :gunsmilie: 5sc - Obr 30.5 fm tr case and Bartolone...
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    Stock vs Carbon Fiber

    Hey guys, I'm begining my 1st scratch build from the ground up. My plan is to build a lightweight straight line onroad racer. Not an extra long drag racer, but stock length, and stock suspension arms. EVERYTHING else will be upgraded parts. To start with: Chassis, Top/Bottom Plates, & Braces...
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    TTO Tach & Temp

    Does anyone know if cutting the excess wires lengths shorter to 6"-10" will affect the sensors rpm/temp readings? Im want to relocate my sensors closer to the engine but the wires are way to long.
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    Super Bee Failsafe Problem

    Hello hbf! I decided to bring my SC to work today because its kinda slow on the field. Before I ever begin bashing around, I always check everything such as batteries, 3rd Channel, etc. When I start my engine it immediately dies and the kill switch buzzer, and led begin to signal. So I restart...
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    Chassis Metal Mesh Mod.

    I decided to make some metal mesh screens for my 5sc chassis. when I run on grass fields the debris collect under my engine. Eventually clogging up my Outerwears crankcase cover, which leads to much higher engine temps. I hope to prevent the majority of grass cuttings from getting sucked in...
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    Good all around front tires?

    Ive been shopping around for front tires. Im familiar with the rodeoo, mxt, and trenchers on many different driving surfaces. To my suprise the rodeoo (front) tires have been reliable in almost all conditions i run in. Loose/hard dirt, tall/short grass, and pavement. Is there better multi...
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    Tr v2 clutch system

    I need the trans plate/engine mount. That little piece next to the carrier. Where can I buy this part? I've already checked DDM, TGN, and LSR with no luck.
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    Just curious, as to how your parts shipment went with Paron332. He recently posted a few different parts for sale. I have yet to receive my parts in the mail. I've also noticed the ad was changed after the items sold. The parts description & pictures have been removed from the thread. Due to...
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    Victory Rc Pro Vs. Bartolone Torpedo

    Hey HBF, I've recently bought the Obr 30.5 FM 7.5 hp with the new TR Billet Case. So far i have broken in the engine for 2.5 hrs. in my 5sc. with the stock gears and slipper clutch. At this point of the break in, i have only been able to reach rpm's of 17,700 according to TTO Tachometer, which...
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    Question: gear sets

    My engine is OBR 30.5 FM TR/OBR Billet Case. I'll be trying 2 side mount exausts. 1st test- VRC pro pipe (High end speed) 2nd test- Bartolone Torpedo (for low to mid range torque) Hpi power control slipper clutch. Using Hostile spur, & Tr pinions Which Gear sets? 1) What spur & pinion...
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    Stray bearing?

    Hey everyone! I started the breakdown of my 5sc today to drop in my new engine, TC shock towers, rear chassis plate, & clutch system. Here's the problem. I removed the rear end chassis plate, tranny plate, tranny case (un opened), clutch system, & wheels. I heard "dreaded sound" Of a part fall...
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    My new OBR 30.5 FM w/ New TR-OBR Billet Crankcase

    My new OBR 30.5 fm (6021) engine came in the mail today! The billet crankcase looks even better in person! I just wanted to thank Dan and the whole OBR crew for their awesome work! Its a shame I have to cover it up with outwears. I cant wait to install this beast in my sc and piss off the...
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    Helibug Powerbug Alternator

    Link: I saw this new part at ddm's website: helibug powerbug alternator (tr315) Does anyone have any experiance using this? If it works good, it sounds like an awesome hopup!