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    roofchopper build

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    Billet Wheels

    Dan Daily of Mayham eng. makes the best alloy wheels for 1/10 scale crawlers and f he would make wheels for our Baja's they would be made in Chico cal. and would be the best out there in my opinion. You can check out his web site and maybe if enough of us ask he might consider it. A set of...
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    WTB WTB Python cover

    I want to buy a used , new or what ever Python two speed aluminum cover. I think its a two piece cover and I need the inner most of all but well take both . Grimace has a picture on his post showing one. I am not smart enough to post pictures.
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    aluminum gear cover

    I need a good looking aluminum spur gear cover to fit over the HPI slipper clutch and onto the turtle clutch system. Any one know of such a cover. I do know that the modified one won't fit.
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    Agent Orange

    How many of my brothers are on this forum and dealing with the effects of Agent Orange. Vietnam 64-65
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    Merry christmas

    To all of you and a really big Merry Christmas to DDM and their great service and first class vendors. Our cars would be nothing like they are with out all of these people who work very hard at making this the best hobby in the world in my opinion . :clap:
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    Black fuel tank

    I have the stock wheel base in Orange power coat on order with roofchopper sand rails and would like all my parts ready to go when it gets here and need your help on a black fuel tank. As I understand it to dye one black it takes 48 hours on low heat. We have a gas range and my wife would...
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    TR 1 wrap

    I just got the carbon fiber wrap from France and I need advice how to apply it to the fan cover and engine top cover and anything else I can put it on. I got 36 inchs by 12 inches for 20 bucks shipped here and its at least a couple of mils thick. Looks really nice quality but I need to...
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    Kraken extended suspension?????

    I heard that Kraken is coming out with a polymer extended suspension kit for the 5b. Have any of you heard that or know about it. Thanks
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    FG radio box

    I see that a lot of guys are running the FG radio box. I have never heard of it. Are any of you guys using it.
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    Victory pro pipe rear exhaust

    Do any of you know if the pro pipe well fit on the roofchopper tube chassis.
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    IRP Standoff Turnbuckle Spacer Kit

    One kit per car. You well like the turnbuckles.
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    Shock boots

    How many have tossed the stock shock shaft boot. I run shock covers and I don't thing I need the boot to. What do you guys think.
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    ADA tall intake manifold.

    In reading the posts about intake manifolds I chose to go with the ADA tall because the extra 1/4 would get the needle jets ahead of the roll bar brace and also allow me to adjust the idle with out bending the roll bar brace. I hope I did the right thing. Its going on both of my OBR engines...
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    Bartolone needles

    I installed a set of the long bartolone needles with the locking block to keep them in adjustment and set the H at 1 1/2 out and the Low at 1 1/4 out. Started up the engine and it was so rich it would hardly run. I shut it off and came here for info...
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    Killer RC power starter

    I just had to say a big thanks to the guys at Killer R/C for coming up with this starter kit. I am unable to pull start the high compression OBR engines because of back pain so I ordered two of the Killer R/C power starter kits and two outer wear covers with a flap over the hole to keep dirt...
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    steering IRP tie rod position

    I have IRP tie rods on both of my Baja 5b's and just noticed that I have the outer end on top of the steering arm on one car and on the bottom of the other. Now I must say I have never noticed any difference in the way each one drives . So now I wonder which one is correct. The manual...
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    Axis work stand

    I just gave in and ordered one from DDM on wed. and had it Friday. What service. I have never seen one of these other than in pictures. It is really built good and a great design. I worked on one of my Baja 5b's yesterday and the stand is very solid and holds the car really tight...
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    Turtle racing pull starter V2

    I took my 5b out twice now and the pull starter worked great until I went to start it today and the cable came all the way out. It won't rewind and I have sold lawn mowers for this so you know I don't want to fix it. any thoughts about this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Engine temperature

    Hello to all. I went down to the grade school baseball field today to run my 29.5 OBR 5b. Well it runs faster than the 30.5 OBR 5b I have and the max temp. on the TTO was 284 F. Is that temp. Also I would like to thank all the guys who said to dump the sway bars, I did and its like night...