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    I'm back in the hobby!

    I have had a Baja 5T for years now but over the last 4 years it's basically sat in my garage untouched. I had the sudden urge to get it back up and running. To my surprise my lips batteries seem perfectly fine. I believe I did a 'storage charge' on them before so that probably helped. The carb...
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    OBR 30.5 Full mod first run post break-in [video is not great quality]

    Hey guys, Here is my 5T on it's first run post break-in. At this point I was still running about 3/4 throttle max. You car hear the truck bog down a bit during one of the donuts. I richened the LSN a bit and it sounded much better. Other then that it's still running at factory settings on the...
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    Hostile boots keep sliding off the drive cups!

    Hey guys I'm currently running the following: Hostile boots (grey) Darksoul meaty bones Toobz killer rc 9.5mm turnbuckle spacers The boots on the hub carrier side keep sliding off. I am thinking it's a combination of the thicker hostile boots, on the thicker toobz, coupled with the higher...
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    Where to get trans/diff shims?

    Hey guys, Where might a guy go looking for some 17x19x0.1mm shims for the idler gear inside the trans, and 20x22x0.1mm shims for the bearings on the outer diff that sit in the trans case? I have looked everywhere that I can think of!!! :gunsmilie:
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    Tuskony's 2014 5T Winter Rebuild [tons of pics]

    Well it's that time again! Not a lot of driving to be done up here in Canada so I usually tear my truck down and clean it all up, replace bearings etc. This year I went a little crazy! Most of my parts/upgrades have arrived and I have been doing things as I can. I am building this truck to be a...
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    Is this normal for a TR trans case?

    Are these two things normal? Or am I doing something wrong?? First one is some heavy slop in the idler gear. I did this exact same thing with my stock trans case and it had 0 play at all. Next up is the bottom of the trans case where it bumps out...
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    Layshaft and drive gear have about 0.80mm of play. Pic inside

    If you can't see it well you should be able to click on the pic and see it un-scaled! This is a craftwerks v2 titanium layshaft with the stock 19T drive gear! The play is VERY noticeable when the transmission goes together and you pull in and out on the layshaft. It measures out to be about...
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    The postman was good to me today! Some eye candy!

    What you see (or don't see): IRP turnbuckles IRP standoffs for turnbuckles DDM alloy servo horn Craftwerks v2 titanium layshaft TR billet diff case saver kit TR billet quick diff Team FastEddy bearing kit (pro series) Killer RC 7.4v RX lipo pack Killer RC 11.1 TX lipo pack Imax-RC B6AC Pro...
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    How To: Install a Hitec 7980TH in a stock battery box as a T/B servo. (pic heavy)

    Hi everyone, Here is how I installed a Hitec 7980 mega torque servo into my stock receiver box. The 7980TH is 10% larger than a regular sized throttle/brake servo like the Hitec 5955TG (old 7955TG). Here are the measurements of each servo: 5955TG is 20.13mm wide 5955TG is 40.21mm long...
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    Post your custom painted body!

    I can't believe there isn't a thread for this? Lets see them! I need some ideas :clap:
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    Need help picking a new 5T body!

    Does any one besides Woodster make a 5T body similar to the stock body? Mine is getting pretty scruffed up and I would like more durable one! Has to be a truck style body and it must be an acceptable look for my gf's tastes 8)
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    Pulled the trigger! 30.5cc full mod on the way

    :clap: Can't wait!
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    TR quick diff tranny case with TR billet diff case and case saver compatibility?

    Probably a dumb question but I can take my stock diff spider gears, bearings, etc and drop them in and then drop the whole assembly in correct?
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    Does anyone make a billet Hitec servo horn?

    I have a 7980TH on the way and I would like a billet servo horn to go with it! Hitec are 24T splines right? Who makes a horn for it? I know it comes with a blue aluminum horn but I'd like an upgrade if possible?
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    WTB WTB Futaba 4pks

    Tx and RX please!!! PM me if you have one for sale. Must be willing to ship to Canada.
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    Can you effectively paint the header/exhaust?

    Title says it all. I have enamel engine paint rated for 500F/260C. Will it hold up? I have a TGN track pipe that I have cleaned up with a grinder and wire wheel. Being that it's steel I either wasn't to polish it and clear coat it (can you get high temp clear coat?), or paint it with this...
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    What does it mean to "program a servo"?

    I am looking to buy a Hitec 7980TH servo and it says that it requires programming? What exactly does that mean? Just programming through the TX like EPAs etc?
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    Best way to keep diff fluid in the diff?

    Is there anyway to stop the diff from leaking fluid completely? It seems to leak out of the case around the bearings/drive cups.
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    Need help with gearing!

    Hey guys I am going to be running an OBR full mod 30.5cc and I'm curious about gearing. I currently have a turtle clutch with a 17/57 cb to spur ratio. I only bash bug my bash spot does have so he nice long open runs so I do wasn't to gear for a bit of extra top speed. I am assuming that I...