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    Need 1 5x24mm dowel pin

    Is there a way to 1 or 2 5x24mm dowels with out buying the $14 kit from DDM? Thanks
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    Shipping a 5t body??

    Hey guys I have a Woodster 5t body I sold and need to ship. Someone told me it is possible to ship it in a bag and insure it? Can you do this? Not really sure I am comfortable doing it and will probably use a box but was just curious. Thanks
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    WTS: 5b wheels and tires

    Hey guys I am looking to sell some 5b wheels and tires. All prices are shipped in the CONUS. Thanks First is a set of Pro-Line Desperados with stock dirt buster tires. Fronts are like new and rears are about 90%. $70.00 I have a brand new pair of rear Dirt Busters I can throw in for...
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    Sold / Found baja parts for sale. Futaba, Hitec and roll cage parts

    Hey guys I got some more stuff to sell. All prices are shipped in the CONUS. Thanks Futaba 3pm with 2 R603FF and 1 R603FS receivers. $150.00****SOLD to Courage68**** Complete radio box with DDM 4500 NiMH battery, Hitec HS-5805MG steering servo and Hitec HS-5645MG throttle servo with power...
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    Need Futaba receiver help

    Hey guys just wondering what the difference between the R603FF and the R603FS is? Also which of the 2 is compatible with 3PM and a 4PL? Thanks
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    WTB Wtb radio box.

    I got a complete box with servos and battery. Not sure if that is what you want. Let me know if it is.
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    Sold / Found Lots of good NEW and used baja parts 2

    Hey guys got some more stuff. Some new and some used. All prices are shipped in the CONUS. If you buy multiple parts from any of my threads I am willing to deal. Thanks NEW Dog Pile racing Drop coil mount. $12.00****SOLD to weeman**** NEW Hostile grey boots. $10.00****SOLD to Wackem**** NEW...
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    Sold / Found Lots of good NEW baja parts

    Hey guys I got a bunch of NEW baja parts I am looking to sell. All prices are shipped in the CONUS. If you buy multiple item especially the small stuff I can come down on the price a bit. Thanks Turtle Racing rear drive cup set. DDM # TT375 and TT376 $75.00****SOLD to Wackem**** DDM Zenoah...
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    Pro Line split Six and Desperado wheel mounting

    People please mount your bead lock rings correctly! Sorry OCD rant done..
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    WTB wtb 5t body

    I got a Woodster Widebody for sale. $80 Its in the for sale section
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    Sold / Found More baja parts. Kraken, Phatdad, T conversion. killer bee

    Hey guys I got some more parts for sale. First I got a set of lower Kraken arms. Fronts are new in package and rears are used. $40.00 shipped in the CONUS Pair of Phatdad rear lower arms. Used but in good shape other than one pin hole is egged out a bit. I think they are still usable but not...
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    5sc rear bumper with Kraken Class 1??

    Hey guys is anyone using a stock 5sc rear dumper with their Kraken CLass 1 cage? Trying to figure out if there is a way to make it work with out cutting anything.. Thanks
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    Rear Dominator Vs FAST Dominator

    Both are V2. What is going to be the difference in power characteristics? Thanks
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    Which lay shaft is stronger??

    Which is stronger the Stainless or the Titanium? Thanks
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    Sold / Found WTS: HPI Baja 5b

    ****SOLD to gagallagher04401**** Hey guys I am looking to sell 1 of my 5b's. It has the following: -30.5cc CY motor with 813 carb -I just rebuilt the diff and filled with 10k TFE oil -FFRC rear shock tower brace -Pro-Line Desperado wheels -Hostile MX rear tires -Savox SC-1258tg throttle servo...
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    Best lay shaft??

    Hey guys just wondering if there is a differemce in the aftermarket lay shafts? Looking to upgrade mine to get ready for a big CC motor. Thinking either Craftwerks or Kraken but open to other suggestions. Looking for something strong and light. Thanks
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    WTB Wtb Baja 5b/t

    I got a 5b with some mods for sale. Shoot me a PM and I can text you pics and video..
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    Ideal idle RPM?

    Just curious what RPM you guys have your idle set to? Stock 26cc and a 30.5 if that matters.. Thanks
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    Sold / Found WTS: 5T/sc conversion parts

    ****SOLD to Notchcad**** Hey guys looking to sell a 5t/sc conversion as a package. The following is included. -Like new 5sc rear bumper assembly -complete side mounts with rock guards and front mud guard -Front 5t bumper with needed mounts -pair of rear 5t wheels with Silverback(i think) bead...