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    Unfair advantage?

    Would you say that there would be an unfair advantage if someone was to race a sprint car against EDM and buggies.
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    Another Killer bee issue

    So my battery is fully charged. I have the latest killer bee that DDM sells. The truck will not start with the killer bee on, as soon as I unplug it the truck will start. I've tried reading the forum but didn't come up with anything. What could be the problem?
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    WTB Looking for 5b rear wheels

    Looking for a pair of 5b rear wheels, I have a brand new pair of mercenary 5t rear wheels to trade. Let me know what you got.
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    Flywheel gap

    What would happen to the engine if the coil gap was off by bit. The reason I ask is that I just bought a prostock 28.5 and bought a used 990 carb, new CY flywheel and coil. When I go to start the engine it starts, then as soon as I give it alittle gas it dies. If I lean the slow end in a bit it...
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    Track conditions

    How's the track for running this Sunday? Is it underwater?
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    Battery charger ?

    I have this charger that requires a DC power supply. Do you guys know of the pretty decent price one? The ones I found were kinda of pricy
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    Spark plug color

    So I'm in the process of breaking in my new OBR prostock 28.5. The carb setting are at factory setting. 1 1/4 out on low and 1 1/2 on the high. So far I've done 2 15 min slow 1/4 to 1/2 throttle runs with a 15 min cool down between the two. I'm alittle concerned about the color of the spark...
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    Your opinions

    The flywheel you see in the pic suffered a bit of damage when the pullstart bolt backed out. Luckily I was just breaking in a new engine and was just putting around. No fins are broken, but some are chipped in a few places. Would you guys just replace the flywheel or do you think it will be...
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    Track and race updates

    I haven't been to Alvin in a while. Any news on racing there? Last I heard the timing system was in place and racing would happen soon.
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    Zen vs CY

    Would you say that the zen pullstart is about the same as CY? I'm currently looking to replace mine, but I'm kinda in a pickle? Don't know which one to get. I mean they are all the same right? This goes the same with the flywheel and clutch. CY's are cheaper, I concerned that they might not...
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    Choosing an air filter set up

    If you had to choose between these 3, which one would you choose. I'm looking to upgrade the stock one. I was looking for the paper filter that everyone runs but couldn't find the link. I'll probly order through DDM and not eBay.
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    Winter series 2013

    What's up guys, has there been any discussions about having another winter series this year? I was only able to make the 4th race last year cause I just bought the truck. Lets get the ball rolling.
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    When I was racing this past weekend I spray myself with bug spray 40% deet. Not realizing that it also got all over my new body I just painted a week before. I have tried simple green, alcohol, goo be gone, dish soap. I'm at a loss as to how to remove it. It's like little white specs all over...
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    Racing in Lufkin, Texas

    Drove up to lufkin, Texas, it about a 2 hour drive from Houston. I painted up a woodster just for this race. I guess all those hours I spend on set up configurations paid off. I ended up placing 1st in the heat and also took 1st place in the main. This is the first race that I've won racing 1/5...
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    Woodster Rear wing

    After tinkering around in the garage this pass weekend, I decided I needed to make my own wing. The first fab I did was out of 1/8 thick diamond plate, then I thought that was too much of an over kill. So I jumped in the truck and heading to Home Depot. There I found some a sheet Lexan of pc...
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    Freshly painted woodster widebody

    Well after taking forever to decide on a theme. I choose the good ole marlboro racing scheme. I seen this paint scheme and 1/10 scale, but not on 1/5. I'm also waiting on some vinyl inkjet paper to get delivered. Once those get In I'll make the decals. I was just gonna pay someone to do the...
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    Woodster wide

    Anybody have a woodster 5T wide body with the SC bumper installed? If so, could you post some pics. I'd like to see how much to cut, or do I just cut around the bumper. Thanks in advance TXbaja
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    Oh snap!

    Did this today. Scratching my head thinking of way to remove the bit, without damaging the threads on the TR steering assembly.
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    On board w/ music

    I did the mic adjustment and also added some tunes. There wasnt much to choose. I decide on sommething that I thought would fit the video. Not my type of music, but it seems to fit. Also you may want to turn down your spreakers, it came across alittle loud, music wise. Enjoy. PS. i can do...
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    Another Vid of the replay 720

    Did another run today. This time I put some tape over the mic, but it still sounds bad. I'll try something else tommorrow. Kinda of a long video. Had a couple of tumbles. I'm also going to try the lowboy tommorrow. This hemi mount is no good for the T. Again please excuse the excessive noise...