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    Blue Diamond raceway will be running 5th offroad!

    As someone who raced 8th there years ago, I know I'm looking forward to this! Blue Diamond down in DE. Is building as we speak and will be racing 5th scale off road and it sounds like possibly on road again also. Isaac Tmr Large Scale Threshold Racing
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    Threshold Rezzies and Brake Discs for the Losi 5ive T!

    Hey guys. Yep! true story, more awsome products from Threshold Racing! I have been testing the rezzies as well as the new brake discs on my race truck for a couple months now. Some of you may have noticed the rezzies peeking out from behind the lexan up at TMR Large Scale in Wellsboro, PA. and...
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    Tmr season opener!

    Sunday April 22nd will be our season opener at TMR Large Scale! The oval track isnt ready just yet, but the offroad track is completed and ready for our 1st race of the season! This will be an awsome event! classes are: 2wd buggy. 2wd truck/sc and our Pro 4 class! Track opens at 10:00...
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    Large Scale offroad+oval racing comes to northern PA.!

    *NEW 5TH OFFROAD TRACK* TMR Large Scale North PA. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A New 5th scale facility is coming to Northern PA.! Home of the former "Singers-Thumptown R/C" Located just outside of Wellsboro, PA. will be transformed into a...
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    brand new to 5th scale but not to rc. clutch? 's

    Hey guys. New here so please bare with me. I recently bought a used 5t from a fellow racer and have gotten addicted so to speak, to racing this 5th scale beasts at the offroad track at Greenwood Valley Action Tracks. (Baja moddifiers track) I've been racing 8th and 10th scale nitro and electric...