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    Need Assistance With Radio Setup

    I just upgraded from the stock HPI radio to a Futaba 3PMX. It came with the R603FF receiver and I'm using it in conjunction with an SFL-30MG steering servo and the stock SF-20 throttle servo. This is my first "real" radio so a lot of this terminology and setup procedure is foreign to me. Do I...
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    OBR Full Mod 30.5 Break-In Concerns

    Hello! I've been in the process of breaking in my new OBR motor for the past week. I'm up at 4,800 ft above sea level, so my needle settings are set at 1 L and 1 5/8 H on a 990. I'm running Castor 927 in a 25:1 ratio. I did 4 five minute idle intervals and I'm now working on my second tank...
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    ModifiedRC Quick Release Roll Cage Tubes w/Team Chase Uprights

    I have yet to get quick release tubes for my roll cage, and seeing as these are the DOTD on DDM I am considering getting them; however, I did notice that since I have installed the Team Chase Uprights they are wider than stock and do not fit in the grooves cut on the outside of the roll cage...
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    PM Billet Wing Mount for HPI Baja 5B Alignment Issues

    I installed the PM Billet Wing Mount ( for my 5B because the stock plastic ones were cracked and I noticed the mount holes won't line up. Has anyone else had this issue, what did you do to fix it? Best just to drill bigger holes in...
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    VRC Pro Pipe Side Mount Mounting Issues on a 5B

    I recently purchased a VRC Pro Pipe Side Mount to go with my OBR 30.5 full mod. I'm putting all of this in a 5B. I've mocked it up and noticed that I don't really see how I'll be able to mount this thing and still use the 5B body panels. If I use the Baja Brother mount...
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    PhatDad RC Shreadstack on 990 Carb

    I recently purchased the Team PhatDad-RC Angled Open Plenum Shreadstack to use on my new OBR Full Mod 30.5 and I noticed that the 990 carb has a spacer on the end that my 668 did not. Do I keep it on and bolt the Shreadstack on top of it, or do I remove it before installing the Shreadstack?
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    Diff Case Screw Facing

    I'm in the process of assembling a new, fully-built differential using the TR case saver and HD gears all-around. While assembling, I noticed that the diff gear isn't centered around the diff case so there is a way to place it for better gear mesh. Unfortunately, I assembled it in such a way...
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    Baja Dreamer's Sand Bash Build

    Hello all you wonderful folks on HBF! I figured since I had my Baja nearly fully disassembled for massive upgrades I'd share some pics of my progress and whatnot in my attempt to build a 5B that can handle some serious sand bashing, and hopefully briefly entertain the folks here who have been...
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    Black Powder in Clutch Housing

    I've had my Baja for about 6 months now, and every time I take it apart I get this really fine black powder/dust stuff all over my clutch, the clutch housing, and the clutch bell. I have the TR V1 enclosed clutch system with, and...
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    Another "Engine Wont Start" Thread

    Well, I was out at Sand Mountain just outside the Fallon Naval Air Station, where the TOPGUN school is, running my Baja. About 30 minutes into my fun, it suddenly quit. I figured I was just out of gas seeing as I spent that 30 minutes basically WOT the whole time. Filled it back up and tried...
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    Dogbones/Diff + Drive Cups Question

    Currently I'm running these: with the stock diff and drive cups. I'll be upgrading from the stock motor to a 30.5 full mod soon so I've got to upgrade the cups now as well. I noticed buying a set of PhatDadRC diff and drive cups will...
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    Need Screw Clarification on TR Parts

    I had a really rough bashing session the other day and upon inspecting the chassis I'm missing a couple of screws. Trying to figure out which TR kits to buy from DDM to get those screws and the lock washer. I'm thinking Brake Mount (tr980) and Flat Head HD Clutch System (tr986), correct...
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    Need Inserts for Hostile Adjustable Hubs

    I want to buy the Hostile Adjustable Rear Hub for HPI Baja 5b/5T/5SC to use on my 5B but I don't have the toe inserts and everyone seems to be out of the kit that they come in. Anyone selling the inserts or making them?
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    Turtle Racing HD Front Mount/Shock Tower Combo

    I recently purchased the IRC Big Bore Front Shocks for my 5B and I want to purchase a TR Front Shock Mount/Tower to help secure and protect them; however, I noticed on DDM that there are two types: one specifically for the 5B (tt38xx) and one for the 5T/5SC/5B (tr94x). My question is: since...
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    Sold Out: Blur Quick Release Air Filter System

    I'm looking to buy one of these to make it easy to remove the air filter, but every site seems to be sold out, DDM, OBR, TGN. Are these no longer good or anyone know where I can get one?
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    Ignition Coil with Bent Fin

    Somehow I bent one of the fins in the ignition coil and broke one of the spacers, would it be okay to take a pair of pliers and just crimp the fin back in place? Would this have caused my engine idle RPM to increase and hold for a few minutes and then decrease and hold, and repeat...
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    Looking for Options on Charging Receiver Battery Pack

    The place I like to bash at is a 2 hour drive from my house and it kills me to drive all the way out there and only have ~40 minutes of drive time before the battery for the receiver dies. :*( A standard 12V lighter is the only thing available to me out in the middle of nowhere to charge. I'm...
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    Sand Bashing Engine Upgrade

    I'm considering upgrading to the OBR 5.5hp PROSTOCK 30.5cc 4 Bolt Long Block from my stock 23cc Fuelie, but I am unsure if this would be the right motor for what I'm looking for. I do nothing but jump the bejeezus out of my Baja 5B in the sand and I'm looking for something peppy. Pulls hard from...
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    Wheel Spin At Idle?

    When I start my 5B for the first time after having left it sit for a while it works perfectly, even when I pick the back end off the ground the rear wheels do not spin; however, after a few minutes of use if I pick the back end off the ground the wheels are still spinning at idle. I thought all...
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    Hole Punched In Engine Cover

    I'm not sure how it happened but a hole got punched in my engine cover by the little piece that sticks out on the center roll bar tower. Think it would be okay to chop it off to avoid punching another hole in a new cover, or are there stronger engine covers to prevent this?