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    dogbone up-grade for Redcat Rampage monster truck?

    just acquired a Redcat MT and I'm looking to up-grade the dogbones,the stock set-up "cvd dogbones" isn't the greatest especially running the MT tires is there a better set of dogbones available for these trucks? I could be wrong but was it MCD that had something for them? all advice/info...
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    Axial Dingo

    bought an Axial Dingo a couple of years ago and figured it might be time to open the box and start assembling it I'm looking for some up-grades before I start on it but I've never really looked for hop-ups for anything but the bajas where abouts would I find some good/high quality hop-ups for...
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    GBE clutch stopper mod...

    that's a great idea,still more than enough sometimes simple is too simple ;)
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    Overkill front upper arm help

    you can drill a hole and install a body clip but once the front of it is screwed to the front of the skid plate it really can't go anywhere anyways,it simply flexs back and forth
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    WTB HPI 5b flux clear body but can't locate??

    I'd like to order a clear body for a 5b flux but I can't seem to do so,I went on HPI's site and got the part# but it doesn't come up on any of the usual sites/hobby shops that I order from on HPI's old site you were able to see if it was in stock and how much $ any of their items were,man their...
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    proper width of front and rear a-arms where the hinge pins slide threw??

    does anyone know what the proper width's of the front and rear a-arms are supposed to be where the hinge pins slide threw? kinda hard to measure any of them "stock,RPM or Kracken" they've all a bit different I was just checking my new Kracken rear lower a-arms and they seem quite wide where...
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    Turtle : adjustable rear shock tower brace

    how abouts an adjustable rear shock tower brace something similar to your V2 rear brace but with 3/4 holes for us oval dudes lookin for a little adjustment there's a few out there but they're all made from flat stock,something 2 sided as your V2 or even 3 sided would be awesome lookin and a...
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    striped threads for header bolt

    happened to strip out the threads for one of the header bolts on one of my FM's picked up some perma-coils but they look pretty skimpy has anyone ever tried re-tapping the holes to 6mm any other possibilities? all info much appreciated thanks
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    white dyeable front shock towers

    wouldn't it be cool if there were white dyeable front shock towers available I've always wondered why somebody hasn't come out with them yet "RPM and/or Team Chase" hint hint I'm sure they'd be a hot seller without a doubt,can't see why they wouldn't be never really thought much about...
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    Project "It"

    decided to start yet another build lol one day I might just finish one :D wanted to add a multi purpose build to my never ending collection,love building them almost more than bashin them but not quite:D here I go "again" enjoy
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    would like your guys opinion on which e-clips are best,specially for the hinge pins don't mind paying a bit more for better quality thanks again
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    dyeing a white igloo bumper

    can you dye a white igloo bumper,will it take the color properly? anyone try it? thanks
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    Hostile belted slicks

    tried out my Hostile belted slicks for the first time this weekend,did some drag racing and tarmac oval can't believe how much traction they have compared to the regular slicks,totally awesome man only thing I'm a bit concerned about is the un-even tire wear,they seem to be wearing down a bit...
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    darksoul gen 3 replacement dogbone pins

    Hi been quite a while since the gen 3 pins have been in stock any ideas when they'll be back in stock? wouldn't mind helpin out a fellow racer by selling him mine but at the same time I don't wanna have to wait to long before I can replace them thanks while we're at it,how about darksouls...
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    darksoul gen 3 and 4 dogbone pins

    can't seem to find any darksoul gen 3 replacement dogbone pins anywhere out of curiosity what's the difference between gen 3 and gen 4 dogbone pins anyways, besides one being for b-bones and the other for sc bones? diameter,length? thanks
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    I've tried everything to find a place here in Ottawa Canada and surrounding area to do some anodizing for me without much luck thought I'd ask here if anyone knew of a spot close to here fingers crossed thanks dudes
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    replacement bearing for turtle rear tranny plate

    somehow I busted the bearing in the turtle rear tranny plate,where the brake cam fits in tried looking everywhere for one,even fast eddy doesn't seem ta carry one,maybe I'm missing something bearing is 10x6x3 if I measured properly,I know I can get one at general bearing etc but just curious...
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    which carb intake manifold better

    I remember reading somewhere about which stock carb manifold was better,tried lookin but no luck is it the av614 chung yang or the av505 zenoah? thanks
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    Throttle Linkage Screw?

    finally had enough of that tiny phillips head screw for the trottle linkage I know there's a hex head out there to replace it but just can't remember which one? old age sucks man lol please help thanks
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    phatdads drive/diff cups and 5mm dogbones

    got a couple of questions for ya any idea when any of phatdads drive or diff cups are gonna be available again,sure do need some will phatdads 5mm dogbones be sold seperately in the near future,what happens if ya busted or just lost a bone or something like that,kinda hard to fork out $200.00...