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    Sprint Unlimited

    OK, I think I've seen it all tonite. 9 of 18 cars out in one wreck, now there's a YELLOW because of the Pace Car catching on fire.
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    A Good Laugh

    My 90 year uncle just sent this, I got a good laugh, especially at the very end after the credits, it reminded me of Singapore when I fell in lust, so watch to the end.
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    Rit Dye

    Getting ready to dye the panels on the Kraken CLS1 build, so I decided to check on Rit Dye, looking for colors. Well, when you go to there is a color chart, where they give you the color numbers, liquid or powder, how much of each, and the amount of water to mix in to come...
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    Source of nylon mesh for body reinforcement

    Less expensive source for mesh to reinforce the body or fix cracks. Home Depot has mesh to work with asphalt based roof repair patch. It comes in a roll around 9" wide and around 50' long for around $10 or so. Much less expensive then the hobby stuff. Mesh and Shoe Glue, bingo, bango. You're...
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    Super Bowl

    Seahawks are KICKING ASS!
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    New buggy hauler

    I was putting too many miles on my F350 diesel dually just running around town, so I got a 2010 Ranger XLT V6 extended cab, 6' bed with a locking bed cover. Now the buggies, gas can, etc. can ride in the bed. Easier to find a parking spot too, and get around in traffic. And the dually returns to...
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    Our travel season is starting

    Tomorrow the 5th wheel buggy shop moves from the Desert to the Alameda County Fairgrounds RV Park for 5 days. Dr. appointments, but I get a day of bashing in between running around. Nice thing about Fairground RV parks, unless there's an event running, there are all kinds of grassy or gravel...
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    Dirty 5b

    Burned a couple of tanks today, and have one DIRTY 5b!
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    Dirt in the gas cap threads

    Is there a foam or rubber seal to fit on the gas tank filler neck to keep dirt and sand from getting in the threads.
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    If you don't have a set yet, YOU WILL!

    Of Tap Outs. A "gotta have" for a Baja. I just used mine to remove a stripped screw holding the throttle servo arm. And flat head screws (counter sunk) are the worse. Use them more then twice where you have to torque them, like the lower screws to the fan case, and I don't care how careful you...
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    Rebuilt a crashed 5b

    During Duneoctoberfest 2013 I was running WOT in the sand and hit a buried chunk of wood or something with the 5b. It went straight up about 5' or so and came down on the side pipe and cage. First glance, damage was a busted diff cup. The guys from Canada immediately offered a diff cup...
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    Grandson does good

    Just got the word this evening that my Grandson, Jack, has been accepted at the University of Maine. His plan is to complete an Engineering Major. Can't be more proud of the lad! :clap::clap:
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    ADA Intake Manifords

    I know Sean and Dan at OBR are dead set against Teflon, but I've used ADA manifolds on three or four engines. There is different grades of Teflon, ADA is using the heat resistant Teflon which doesn't soften when heated. With the CNC machining of the spacer I feel they make a noticeable...
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    Zenoah RC Engines Factory Manual and Parts List

    Handy information to have handy. Need a screw or bolt, the size is listed. Also has the FACTORY metric torque values (and a NOTE when thread lock is required) which shouldn't be a problem, all the quality torque wrenches have in/lbs and metric scales. It's a small PDF download...
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    Thanks DDM!

    Found out I needed a replacement engine plate for my 5b, ordered the Modified RC plate with skid plate, and discovered it was the 12/20/13 "Deal of the Day" for $79 when I submitted the order, so I changed the order to 2, one for the Kraken CLS1 build. $150 with the HBF discount. Just now I...
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    Are you required to get a pass if you are staying out by the highway and not going out to the dune area. I'm considering a day trip to look things over and do some running with the 5b. Also, are the automated pass machines still there.
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    Damage repott so far for hitting a Landmine at Buttercup

    Just incase no one knew, while running at WOT and 50+ MPH on the flats by the towers at Buttercup during Duneoctoberfest, I hit a landmine. Buried wood from a campfire, I think. So far, damage is the front of the chassis ripped off, servo saver (which did it's job, the servo is OK, I think)...
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    ModifiedRC-DDM Deal of the Day or 12/20/2013

    Just ordered the limit - 2. $150 after the HBF discount for the chassis plate with built in skid plate. It popped up as the Deal of the Day when I went to order one. Just spent a couple of hours fighting to get the TR clutch plate on, finally gave up, must of bent the stock engine chassis...
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    Kraken Front Arms

    Just installed Kraken lower and upper Front Arms. Pretty smooth, some hammertappa getting the spacers in on the upper arms, lowers had to Godzilla to get the shock balls in place. Anybody make covers/skid plates to cover the lower shock ends that work with Kraken arms?
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    Short Days... BLAH!

    Needed to replace a landing gear leg on the 5er today. Mother Nature was nice, 60 degrees and no wind today. Got a jack stand with the 4 ton jack on the frame, got the leg off and "look at that". The shop that installed these legs didn't change the mounts on the frame, so to support the weight...