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    Sold / Found Blur High Torque V Stack, K&N Filter, OuterWear, No Toil Filter

    Blur high torque velocity stack. Throat has been sanded and polished to improve flow. The filter clamping surface has been sand blasted for texture for extra grip on the filter. It comes with the mounting bolts, and the service cap. Sold To: AmosMoses K&N RC-1130 air filter and K&N...
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    Sold / Found IRP Zenoah Clutch Tools / Holders

    Pair of IRP Clutch tools. They hold the shoes, and clutch plate from turning while working on the clutch. IRP says they only work with the Zenoah Clutch housing. I know for sure that they don't work with the TR Clutch housing. That is what I run and have never used them. Sold To: IVExample
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    Sold / Found ShredStack

    Non angled Shred Stack. The throat of the ShredStack has been sanded and polished to help increase flow. Sold To: onceaday
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    FlowSystem 5T/SC Pipe Bracket Orientation

    Which way does the pipe bracket go? Here is the way I think it might go. Or this way.
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    How many pipes do you have for your Baja?

    Well I just bought a Flow System pipe. I had been thinking about getting one for a while. This brings the total to 3 for me. The bad thing is I haven't ran my Gizmo Pipe and now have a FlowSystem pipe on order. How many do you guys have for you Baja. (A set of twin pipes counts as 1) 1...
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    Swain Tech TBC-EX White Lightning Coated Gizmo PowerMaster Pipe

    Just though I would post up some pics of my unsilenced Gizmo Power Master pipe. I sent it out on 04/01/2013 and got it back 05/02/2013. They told me it would be about a 3-4 week wait because they were back logged. Turned out to be just over 2 weeks when you subtract the shipping time. Here is...
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    Sold / Found OBR/TR Sealed Billit Clutch Housing + Clutch Plate

    OBR / TR Sealed clutch housing with the required CY clutch plate. The housing has a bran new never ran seal. I modded the cy clutch plate. Sold to The Dude
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I want these parts
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    Sold / Found Hostile 5T Slicks on Gunmetal Outlaw Wheels with Black SilverBack Bead Locks

    Selling a set of 4 Hostile 5T Slicks mounted on Gunmetal HPI Outlaw wheels. Sliver Back V2 Black bead locks. DDM stainless screws. All 4 are rears. One wheel had something get between the rear hub and wheel. It scuffed the inside. Outer bead locks have a little road rash but nothing to sever...
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I need these parts
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I want these parts.
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I "need" want these parts
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I want these parts
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I want these parts
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I want these parts
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I want these parts
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    Sold / Found TR v2 Pull Start

    Turtle Racing v2 Pull stater. It has the standard dog cage with brass bushings. I just took it apart and dry lubed them so they will be good to go. The center nut is for CY/Zenoah motors. If your using it with an RCMK Crank Shaft you will need to buy the different nut. The pull start has some...
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    Sold / Found Zenoah G290RC with OBR / TR Sealed Clutch Housing

    Selling a stock port Zenoah G290RC motor. The motor has about 2 gallons of fuel through it. Always been ran with a clean filter, and Klotz R50 mixed at 32:1. Engine Sold to whitie63 UpDate New Gaskets and Seals. Stripped and repainted the cylinder VHT Black. ZRC Black billit intake, Flywheel...
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    Sold / Found 5SC Cups with Toobz, Bones, and 1.5 Pairs of Boots. Excelent Condition

    Selling a complete set of cups, bones, and 6 boots from a 5SC. They were on my 5SC for a year with fairly light use. 1 cup has a few nicks and scratches around the rim from when I broke an A arm and the bone pulled out of the cup. Other than that they are in great shape. Here are the pics. Make...
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    Are HD Transmission Gears Really HD.

    I got a set of HD transmission gears. I was wondering if the hd gears are tougher than the stock gears. I know they are probably stronger material but does that make up for the wider stock gears?