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    Preglued Elcon Quartz, Where ?

    I had a link to a site that sold these preglued on Elcon rims but i have lost the link ! I have googled for it but cant find it again. Anyone know what store it could be ?
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    Pinion problem

    So i need to remove my pinion and its stuck ! (on a 2028 Castle motor). Its the premounted pinion so i dont know if they used anythong to hold it in place. The pinion screw was already broken and not holding the shaft anymore but the pinion is still stuck hard. Could be metal fragments from...
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    Baja 5B Flux

    Testing my new Hostile Nightmare MXT (5T) tires. Everything went well until the end where i mangled one of the tires in a flip. But fortunaly it was only the tire and the foam that had been pressed into one side so i could open it and refit it. Sorry for the angle, Gopro on transmitter ;)...
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    New batteries from Gens ace

    Waiting for their 4s hardpacks to restock i saw these Expensive but thats some runtime with 10Ah ! 250A continius and 500A burst should be pleny. They cost like 3 zippy packs thought. It seems they are only consentrating on the new packs becouse the old ones never restock ...
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    Tire balance problem

    So i got Hostile slicks and Hostile foams installed on my Baja 5B and first thing i noticed when driving was that when i floor it the backend skips/jumps up and down like crazy. Lifted the backend up and hit some throttle, yep tires out of balance. I thought no problem i will balance them. I...
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    Anyone use Alan Woodall bodys ?

    I googled but didnt find anything. I could not help myself and ordered one fiberglass prepainted Beetle body for my baja 5B. I know i need to get the body mount posts and stuff. I hope i didnt make a blunder. It will fit right ? :D Anyone bought one ? The proline beetle body is cheaper but not...
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    Problem calibrating Baja 5b Flux

    So i got everything hooked up, started calibrating according to the manual but the throttle is reversed ! I didnt think this could happen on a RTR car.. I know i can reverse the motor wires but but its still strange.. The motor and esc is hooked up from the factory and all the wire colors are...
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    Where do i buy these toe in spacers ?

    Where can i find these ? I will run on a hard surface and dont want the tires to wear down to quick so i want to change from 4degree to 2degree toe in. Manual shows this, but where do i get them ??
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    Castle XL2 punch control for wheelies ?

    I have not even tried my Baja 5B flux yet but i would want to know if settings the punch control to a low setting or even 0 will make my Baja wheelie. Manual states that if set low or 0 the current capability of the battery will determine how fast it will accelerate. What is the downside of...