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    Can Someone Check an Engine Plate Measurement for Me?

    Hey guys, like the title says, would one of you be willing to check the distance width wise between the 4 screws that attach the engine plate to the chassis? Also, the distance length wise? I am interested in using a Baja engine plate in one of my other projects, but I am away from my Baja for a...
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    Vertigo Axle Extenders

    Hey DDM crew, I was just wondering if you guys have an eta for when you will have Vertigo Axle Extenders back in stock? Thanks!:balloon:
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    IRP " You Pick The Prize Contest "..FREE GIVEAWAY

    IRP Front Turnbuckles for HPI Baja 5b/5T - Red Merry Christmas folks!!
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    Merry X-mas Giveaway from Overkill Concepts

    merry X-mas n happy holiday
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    IRP " You Pick The Prize Contest "..FREE GIVEAWAY

    tr327 - IRP Front Turnbuckles for HPI Baja 5b/5T - Red Thanks for the opportunity :)
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    Beaing a Dead Horse

    How many o you guys with MODDED motors run a reversed clutch? I just spent a good hour reading threads on this subject but most everyone replies about doing it to their stock motor and then rave about the wheelspin... Wheelspin doesnt lead to controlled takeoffs... Anyways, folks with modded...
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    Hostile Crushers Review

    First off, let me start by saying this is long overdue, but life has been hectic. I haven't had the time to run my Baja. let alone sit down and really do a well thought out post like I would like to. That being said, I have been secretly :lol: taking a few minutes and added a few bits together...
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    *****free bumper giveaway*****

    Wow! Thanks for the chance ryeguy and redlight! I am stoked to finally have something up front to absorb some of the front impacts when I botch a jump :)
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    *****free bumper giveaway*****

    5B bumper + Tray: 24.4oz
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    Baja/DDM support Group

    THATS IT! I am cutting myself off 'til January! I nominate my vice president as Bassbustingman... Who's with us?! :lol: I bet I buckle and make an order before then :tongue:
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    Throttle Servo Horn Screw Replacement?

    Hey guys, do you know the size or have any ideas/links to a screw that would replace the stock throttle servo horn screw? The hex head on mine is just about stripped, and I think its time for a new one... Any help would be excellent! :santa:
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    Sour than Sweet Contest......

    498!!! :chef:
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    Anyone see this in the news? All I can is that is one BIG hole! Nutty. I would never have been able to imagine that if I tried...:mellow:
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    Picture Request and Need some Opinions

    Hey guys, I think I am going to finally snag a set of Turtle shock braces. I am between the regular silver or maybe the red braces... Here is how my baja looks now (minus the radio box). As you can see I have some blue beadlocks and fuel line and thats about my only color except for my TGN...
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    4 Bolt Cases

    Any idea when you will be getting some 4 bolt cases in stock? :chef: Seems like everywhere is out of stock
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    Just wondering if any of you guys long board? I recently got into it two, maybe three months ago and its almost as great at the Baja. Sooo my buddy is trying to win a longboard on youtube from Rayne Longboards (theyre Canadian and specialize in downhill riding). You should click on the video...
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    TR and Stock Clutch Component Weights

    Hey guys, this is something I did out of curiosity when I installed my TR HD Clutch because I could not remember if someone had posted the numbers of the weight difference between the stock components and the TR Clutch. I know someone has an excel sheet with a bunch of different part weights on...