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  1. chevy

    Running in New Jersey

    Hi anyone running /bashing in New Jersey looking to run with other people
  2. chevy

    anyone running inNJ

    Hi I live in colonia Nj anyone running near me? If so let's meet and run before it gets to cold
  3. chevy

    need body panels 4 tc cage

    is their anybody selling pannels 4 a tc cage ? i would biuld it myself but hert my left hand and cant use it the same any more. any help would be great thanks
  4. chevy

    axle extenders

    who makes axle extenders 4 a 5sc front and rear ?and how much longer?were to buy them ?thanks
  5. chevy

    5t body on 5sc??

    ran my 5sc 2 times with stock body on and killed the body its ripped off and now duck taped on will a 5t body fit? any mods? or any other bodys that r stronger? pics please thanks
  6. chevy

    pro pipe 4 my 5sc?

    i see in pics on a 5b the stock rollcage is cut on the mount were the pipe passes is that the same on my 5sc? what do u think about the pipe for my stock cy 29 2mm stroke. i have a rear dom v2. looking for more mid and top end. thanks
  7. chevy

    need tires help

    i have a 5sc need tires 4 grass. but i wood like too keep the same tire outer dia. and use stock rims and stock looking at hostial tirs but no info on size help please thanks
  8. chevy

    27cy vs zen 27??

    whitch engine is better. im looking to find out whitch has more hp/tq/rpm i know they r both 4 bolt topend some say cy porting is better? zen has beter cyl plating? what do u think.
  9. chevy

    wot pop ?

    i have a esp port/mod 30.5 cy with a rear dom at wot the engine pops. cant adj it out with carb. checked head gasket/bearings changed plug. what else could it be?? it started when i put the dom pipe on . 25:1 oil mix
  10. chevy

    g 27vs g29

    looking at ddm 4 a stock engine just bashing with a 5sc and a rear v2 dom pipe. i looked at the g 27 why does it have more tq than the g 29. the 27 is 1.4 at 10,000 and the g29 is 1.23 at 10,000 whitch would be the better choise for my 5sc? thanks
  11. chevy

    CARBS 813 vs 990

    whitch carb for my esp mod/port 30.5 with a dom v2? i have the low end bog i cant get out with low speed needle. what spark plug ? i have a 5sc with a stock 6 thousand clutch maybe i should run the 8 thousand rpm clutch spring ?thanks
  12. chevy

    5sc heavy?

    why is the sc feel so much heavier then a 5t. were is the extra weight? what can i do to take the weight off:detective:
  13. chevy

    sc shocks

    I tried both damper pistons. the truck bounces to much looking to make it alittle stiffer. its a heavy truck in the rear so i am trying to make it handle better in turns i dont want it to stiff it will then flip any ideas ? thanks
  14. chevy

    VRC vs VRCBB

    I have a 5sc baja running a 30.5 esp port/mod. what is the diff in rpm range between both. i know the vrc will fit my truck will the bb vrc fit ? i am looking for mid to top end thanks
  15. chevy

    5sc pipe???

    I am getting a 5sc ss no motor. I have a 30.5 esp full mod/port 2 bolt cy what pipe do u guys think running ovel for fun. looking for mid /top end. what pipe will fit the truck? thanks
  16. chevy

    ground clearance ?

    what is the best way to lift my 5b. i run in grass thats tall thanks
  17. chevy

    5b with 5t wheels

    how much of a bog in acclertion will i have putting 5t wheel on my 5b and will they fit thanks
  18. chevy

    cpi pipe vs bb cpi

    what whould be the differance in rpm and tq? on an 29 cy stock port stuff crank. how do u think a 813 carb would work with the pipes?I run ovel dirt/grass . I have an jet pro2 i need more bottom to mid can give up some top end but not too much.thanks:hammer:
  19. chevy

    gear ratio ?

    I have a 5b with stock gearing I went up too an 18 /57 . what is the differance from that to a 5t? what car would have more top end with everything the same.I'm looking to get more top end on the 5b but the 18/57 is too much of a jump I think the trans gearing in 5t is in between my 17/57 and...
  20. chevy

    5b 2 5t help

    what is the best way to do this? and how much will it cost ? what do i need? thanks:hammer::hammer: