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    Slash 4x4 project

    Traded a blitz roller for this slash 4x4 roller. Been working on it, has MIP axels, rpm arms, STRC driveline, I put a new servo in it, installed a new velinion motor. Just waiting on new esc and big bore shocks.
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    Well...same old story. My wife and I found ourselves in hard times, short of funds right at Christmas. So to give my wife and daughter a good Christmas, I sold my baja's, and any other rc worth anything. But something amazing happened. A guy on a local Facebook rc forum that I moderate is...
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    Inherited family family project

    So got myself an inherited 1:1 project car. 1965 Buick skylark that belonged to my grandfather who passed away 20 years ago. She's straight but got a few pretty good rust spots. Good thing the wife works as an apprentice at the local auto body shop! Lol
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    HPI Blitz's

    So these are the rigs I got from Jason Butterfield after the sc8.2e I sent him got "stolen" off his front porch. Nearly 2 months later, conversations with the police, and calling him out on his Maine RC page he finally sent me these. First one is rtr with a sidewinder brushless system and 2s...
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    Modified RC parts rock!

    Just a shout out to modified for the awesome products! I run the rear shorty bumper and the quick release roll cage system. Both these parts are a few years old. Can you tell? Nope! Super durable, awesome products!
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    Still representing!

    New house, new RC workshop but its not official till the banner is up! My little way if saying thanks :-)
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    5T project on hold

    Well since I recently re-acquired my old 5bss I'm gonna focus on getting it back in good running order since it doesn't need as much to get going as the T does. I really wanna do the 5t up right, OBR motor, and heavy duty cups and bones, I want to run a futaba radio system in it as well. 5b will...
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    Who else gave up all other RC's for their baja(s)

    Just made a deal to get rid of my last electric RC, my Exo terra, to put towards my second baja, a 5b, and now all I have are my Baja's and I know I can't be the only one to go this route right?
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    Baja parking only!!

    Need to get a "baja parking only" sign for my RC cave!!
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    A friends original 5b rtr

    This is an original 5b rtr I'm piecing back together for a friend of mine. Has a few upgrades but still running the original 23cc!! Nice axel pin
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    Friday night wrenching!

    Spending my Friday night doin what I love!
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    Looks like I got ripped off

    So I met a guy on a Facebook RC page who was looking to trade a 5b for a built brushless 4wd rig. So we made a deal for my sc8.2e that I had built up. Well just after shipping on the agreed date I get a message from his gf saying he got arrested and would be in jail for at least 90 days...
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    Getting my 5bss back :)

    So some of you may remember that I sold my 5bss last year after my dads stroke. Well as luck would have it the guy that bought it from me moved to Oklahoma and didn't take the baja with him, he offered it back to me for a decent price. So I'm now getting the money together to buy my old buggy...
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    Decisions decisions...

    Trying to decide if I want to sell my team associated sc8e to fund my 5T project or trade it for my old ss 5b I sold last year or just keep it and try to come up with cash for the other 2 baja's! Uuuuhhhhhgggg!! What have you guys sacrificed for the baja's?
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    This was a fun day!

    Lookin through my phone at some pics and came across this This was taken early summer 2012, this was my baja ss I sold after my dads stroke last November. We ran out of gas way at the end if a local beach so my daughter towed the baja in with a dig leash! We had so much fun that day :) just...
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    My hobby: passion and therapy

    Hey guys just wanted to take a moment to talk about this hobby of ours. Most of my friends don't understand my hobby or my passion for it. Most guys I work with are into sports and mma stuff like that and they don't get how I could love toys so much. But what they don't get is that my hobby is...
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    To wing or not to wing?

    Hey guys what's your opinion on rear wings with the TC cage? I kind of like mine without the wing but just curious about other opinions.
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    Not much has changed...

    My baja 5T that started out as a 5b. My project started out strong, she was just a sad pile of parts that I built into this T conversion. But I got distracted by other projects and now money has kind of dried up and I'm kicking myself for letting this project stall. Hopefully we pick up some...
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    My wife loves me :)

    New hubs/carriers Mamba monster install