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    little bog on start

    :glare:i have a little bog on take off i have stock motor with no upgrades just put a new gas tank and brand new stock air if i put a v2 jet pro pipe will i see a little more power and would i have to adjust my carb again
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    spark plug

    where does everyone get their plugs at can you get them at a automotive store i know dum??
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    its getting better

    well today i took off my v3 and put the stock exhaust back on adnd change my oil gas mix runs alot longer than before but still does the same thing it dies but a little longer run than before a little bit happier with the baja any tips would gretly be appericated thanks fellas
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    Sold / Found UK parts sale/trade/sale price inc p&p in UK

    do you still got the 23 does that include shipping to cal.
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    i am going crazy

    well lets start by say i have a 23cc with a v3 pipe and a after market air cleaner it starts up and it will run for about 20 minutes with half throttle and when you open it up and let off and get back in the throttle it dies like it is starving for gas sometimes it will start and do it again i...
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    Sold / Found UK parts sale/trade/sale price inc p&p in UK

    is shipping included in the price if not how much shipped to Ca.
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    motor from NAXZ

    bought motor from naxz awesome better than i expected fast shipping thank you :gunsmilie:
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    23cc fueli

    after it runs for a while it dies it will start up but it is like it is starving for gas what do i do i have a jetpro pipe and a new after market air filter if this help:cursing:
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    what are some good hop ups for the 23cc cy motor besides a pipe :helpsmilie:
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    :blink:what kind of life do you get out of a chung yang and a zenoah with proper engine break in
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    crank case bearings

    how do you remove the bearings from the crank case?:huh::blink: thanks Rick
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    front tires

    what is the best tire to run in the front
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    motor wont run

    well gave dan a call at oneil racing and told him my prob he suggested to get a rebuild kit 35.00 not bad. i am used to nitros 60.00 to 80.00 for a piston and sleeve so i will order one tommorrow thanks for all your guys help this forum is the [email protected]#^.
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    motor dies

    please someone help i just got this baja from a friend and he said he couuld not get it to run it would run but not for very long it got a motor from oniel and a jetpro pipe and a filter . So now i tried to start it it started but i have to pump on the throttle to keep it running and very...
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    TR T-Shirt Design!!

    F AST AND STEADY WINS THE RACE !!!!!!!! with a turtle on a 5b