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    Sprint makeover

    i have one for sale if anybody is interested.
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    Making a comeback

    ctdave how are things in conn? i was just out in the garage a ferw minutes ago looking at the Baja.
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    Street Tires for Baja's

    what steve said.
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    WTB BBRC and Turtle racing

    did you try ddm
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    Making a comeback

    Hay frumpy from Conn. how are you doing this is Dirby do you remember me? good to see you back. i still have a couple of Baja and a new losi 5t 2.0.
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    what tires should i buy?

    hostile nightmare tires
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    GSRG's HPI Baja 5b SS Build

    do you have a kill switch in your Baja ss? nice Build.
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    what tires should i buy?

    lots of tires there.
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    Okay...time to admit old are you?

    74 and still playing with Baja and losi.
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    Okay...time to admit old are you?

    I am now 74 years old.
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    HBF is back online!

    hi am dirby glad to see hbf going again
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    WTB Wtb 5b

    there is one in the 4 sale section for four houndred shipped. check it out.
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    WTB Stand

    that is what i said.
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    WTB tire foams

    i would go with hostile 0 groth foams if you can find them.
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    WTB Stand

    if you want the best get an Axis Stand
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    Battlefield 4

    anybody pl;aying it? i got to the edge of the airfield. can't get through there keep getting killed in tank battles.
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    galaxy s3

    sprint galaxy s3. is this any good?
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    kill zone

    any body playing it on there ps4? is it worth having?
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    ps4 and cod ghosts

    ok who has theese and is playing on line? dirby007
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    ps4 or x box 1?

    which one would you buy and why?