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    Team Integy

    Has any one use Their stuff, Is it any good a friend wants to know.I have never got any thing from them that's why I ask.I looked at the Vendors on here and didn't see them.
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    A big no no

    I got a good one to tell, I had a air Leak it ended up being my gas lines but in the process of running down where it was leaking at I switched carbs out and still not running.Some how I got two Gaskets on my carb side of the Intake side, after about Three weeks and at lot of Cursing I Found out...
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    road racing

    How and what parts do I need to lower my 5b Suspension for road racing, I have seen a lot of cars lowered just wanting to know how. thanks
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    Priming ball

    I have not ran my car for about 3 weeks, Got it out it and it fired up.It Idled great I give it gas and it dies on me, I Check the gas lines gas cap.Then I noticed the priming ball was dry, I pump it up but Very little gas stays in it.Can some one tell me what's up With this. Now can a clutch...
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    high speed 80-90mph

    what do I need to get at 80-90mph out of a 5b, the motor a obr 30.5cc With a two speed Transmission or a obr Twin.I want to do one next year for road thats it up and down my Road.I want obr motor in it can some one help me in the right Direction. thanks
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    a new Chassis

    new Chassis 11 gauge stainless steal not Done yet still have to bend it
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    who run's Aluminum rims

    any one run's aluminum rim's on the street,if you do Where and who make's them
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    what is a good Servos

    I was wanting to know what is the best Servos and batteries?
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    who makes The best 30.5 cc motor

    I was wanting to know who makes the best 30.5 cc motor out there,that kicks ass and some?
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    Dominator v2 pipe

    how do I Install the dominator v2 pipe on a Baja b?i need pic
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    23cc motor work

    can I bore out a 23cc motor to a 30.5cc or what size cc I can go up to, if so who Does kick butt motor work
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    a odd sound at high-end

    I just got a 5b from a Friend I am new to this. When I first started it runs good and fast as I gets hot it Bogs down on the top end and it makes a popping sound. Can someone help me with this issue