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    New facebook group

    Hey guys come join my 1/5 scale oval racers group on fb.... nothin but go fast turn left guys. Share ur pics and tips and questions and any local track info u have. Link is in my sig below
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    WTB Need some parts for my sprint car build

    Heres a list of parts im lookin for. If u have somethin shoot me a pm Hpi hd alloy clutch carrier Dark soul gen3 dog bones ( would consider similar for right price) Aftermarket steering turn buckles Hostile foams (frontz and rears) Super bee killswitch Killer rc lipo reciever battery Shocks/...
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    WTB Sway bar links

    I am in need of the links that go between the sway bars and the a arms or atleast the balls for the links. Ddm is out of stock on the upper balls with the set screws
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    WTB Need a diff

    Anybody got an alloy diff layin around theyd let go of? Bought a roller awhile back and it has the plastic diff
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    Crank options

    Ok guys lookin to build a 30.5 ts reed motor and would like opinions on wat crank to use. Zen, cy, rmck or other?
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    Ring for sale

    Have a ring i no longer need. Its tungsten carbide with silver carbon fiber in the middle size is 9.5 asking $75 this ring was $400 new. Very tough ring doesnt scratch or deform like gold or silver.
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    Shock bodies

    Are the gh shock bodies any gd or should i just get hpis?
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    Sold / Found Tr v2 starter

    Sold sold sold Selling my tr v2 starter. I have switched to killer rc drill starters and no longer need this. Has a brand new recoil spring and almost new cog spring. Selling with matching outerwears. Some minor dings on bottom on starter from use and outerwears is not perfect but still...
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    Grip for 4pl

    New custom grip i made for my 4pl out of paracord.
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    different shock setup idea

    Just thinking on a possible future build anyone ever tried doing a cantilever style shock setup like wats on the 1/5 scale f1 cars and the traxxas revos? Im thinkin it would realky drop the cg and allow for really slamming bajas down on the ground and allow lower body mounting without hacking...
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    Eagletree telemetry

    Anyone use this system? Was thinking about getting it. Heres a link
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    Speed-tech svub

    Anybody got any more info on this setup other than wats on ddms site? speed-tech svub ignition system at ddm Prolly junk just like the redrace ignition but cant find any info on it yet
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    asphalt oval setups?

    Hey guys new to the onroad thing theres a couple ashpalt kart tracks around here id like to try running on and somenof the locals here have been talkin bout hittin up a paved oval for a race or two and the lhs is currently doin some research into an old fun kart/ mini golf complex thats been...
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    So i just tried emailing trevor about possibly building me a motor and my email was returned for some reason anyone else have this problem of kno another email he uses?
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    which reed to get obr, ts racing or bzm

    Looking to start rounding up parts for my winter build. Gonna be puttin together a sprint car the a local track owner developed. These things need alot of power and torque with all the downforce. They r able to run full throttle all the way around the track so lookin at reed motors was...
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    mystery motor gremlins

    Ok guys posting this for my brother. Hes got some strange issues with his motor that has pretty much baffled everyone here locally. The motor is a 28.5 2 bolt with no porting but does have a stuffed crank. The issue is this thing is running super rich fouling plugs and flooding out, smoking...
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    deadend raceway

    heres a few vids from our races yesterday both offroad and oval on board from 5b pov oops i gots a lil too close to the camera lil mod action lil 4wd offroad action lil dirt slingin from the sprints more 4wd
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    bzm tt

    anyone know where i can get my hands on a bzm 28.5 tt reed motor? tgn has been out of stock forever and they dont have any idea when they will get more
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    eds or hudy?

    im looking to buy a GOOD quality tool set for my largescale rcs. anyone use either eds racing or hudy tools and have any feedback? I kno they r both on the expensive side but in my experience u get wat u pay for and im tired of breaking/bending/stripping other inferior tools
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    to rèmember my dad

    Ok guys not sure where to put this but hope its ok here. My dad just recently passed away and was cremated and i want to give him a ride like kno one else could get by placing an aluminum vial with ashes in it on my baja. My problem is i can't find a clamp to fit the vial. Any suggestions of...