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    Threaded Shocks?

    Has anyone upgraded their shocks? What is the best bang for the buck?
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    ESC Dead!!

    After Just under ten battery runs the ESC is no longer working...WT:huh: I called Castle Creations asking them some questions about the ESC and the motor. Was the ESC & Motor too small for the large scale truck. They guy would not answer it. Told me to call HPI:huh: I guess I will keep a spare...
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    Hobbico CS-170 Steering Servo

    Hi, I have 5SC Super Flux. I was wonder if anyone used this servo. Any thoughts? I have been doing some reading on 5SC Super Flux everyone has said only a 1/8 scale Servo will work
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    Placed Order Today

    I cant wait to have some fun with this:cowboy: I have been using traxxas for over three years. I will do my best to post a review on anything I find. I'm all about bashing.