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    associated b5/b5m

    Once again associated has released another buggy. This is the first time I didn't get a kit and a month later they released a new version tho. A indoor carpet track opened up a few miles from my house so hopefully if the price is right on these kits, I'll be picking one up! :clap:
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    cylinder head question

    Hello guys, I have a 30.5 which the previous owner says is an obr engine that needs a rebuild. I tore the engine down and noticed scores in the cylinder wall. My questions are: 1- if I send the head to you, can you bore it or repair the scores? And if so what would be a rough cost estimate? 2-...
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    first time zenoah engine rebuild

    Okay, first I'll explain my situation before I start with the questions. This is the first small engine ive ever attempted to rebuild. Im a diesel mechanic by trade and figured if i can inframe a dt466 in 35 hours, i can probably do my toy car engine haha. Im still trying to learn what parts go...
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    anyone on the east coast do any runnin today?

    Beautiful weather here in the outskirts of Philly today. I got a chance to test out a new throttle servo in my 5ive and do some asphalt runnin. Was gonna take the SC with me too but I get lazy from time to time! Anyone else take advantage of the weather today?
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    5ive tuned pipe mounting

    I recently traded a couple 1/8 scales for a 5ive. It has a stock 26 on it now with the tuned pipe, but also came with an OBR 30.5 but I noticed the case was cracked and broken off where the tuned pipe mounts to the engine case. I'm assuming the previous owner maybe was running it with the body...
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    servo horn question

    Does anybody know off the top of their head if the stock Losi s900t servo shares the same 15 tooth horn gear as the hitecs?
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    Lesson learned

    Well, I got a nice Losi 5ive in a trade, throttle servo started acting goofy, and went straight through my neibors plastic fence. I hit the kill switch but it was already too close and rolling too fast. Thatll be the last time I run 1/5 scales out in the street! I feel like such a jackass. And...
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    hostile mx's on 5b wheels

    I bought a set of nightmares to mount on a set of 5b wheels, and I know it says to glue the foam to the wheel on the rears. I'm just trying to find out if its ABSOLUTELY necessary to glue them. If It doesn't really matter, then I'd rather not. But if I have to, then i will. Anyone with...
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    My new (used) 5sc

    Picked up a 5sc from a friend of mine. Stock 26cc with the big bore kit, turtle towers, turtle clutch system, rpm arms, shock limiter cables, chase cage, outerwears, super bee kill switch, and a couple other upgrades I'm forgetting. Pics are in my album, I'll add a couple links. Let me know what...
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    lumberton bmx track bashing

    Here's a few links to my YouTube channel videos of some friends Bajas bashing in Lumberton nj! Sorry the zoom is kinda blurry on my cam. Its all I got tho!
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    New to 5th scale electric

    Just picked up a castle converted 5b in a trade and would appreciate any upgrade advise of any advise about it in general. I tried posting pics but can't figure out how with this damn android. Oh well! Thanks guys